Sunday, January 30, 2011

Multiracial Students

There are more young multiracial students who are beginning to fade the color lines of their skin and be more open to having a sense of identity as everyone else. This article describes students at the University of Maryland who wishes to not be described by their race anymore, but rather as a person. Many people ask multiracial persons the question, "What are you?" and many students reply, "A person." Discrimination and prejudice are still common today, but if people would realize that everybody is a person and look beyond the color, then there would be less hatred in the world.
In class we are talking about people and how to help those who are hurting to the best of our ability. Some counselors can be called mechanics, coaches, survival guides or optometrists. Whatever position a counselor describes him/herself, they must be prepared to help those who are biracial or multiracial and to see where that person is coming from. A lot of problems will be avoided in the counseling setting if counselors put their own beliefs and values aside and really develop a relationship with their client, regardless of where they come from or what color they are.
I think this article reminds us that we should look more into the person's being to describe who they are and not about outward appearances. This article supports the fact that we are all people and that color does not define who we are. Our idenity should not be made on the basis of our skin or background. It is time to create all people the same and put differences aside.

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  1. This topic relates with what I am learning about in my multicultural counseling class. I was just reading about how important it is for counselors to be aware of their own biases or prejudices that they may have towards those who are different. In order to put any differences or biases aside, they must realize what beliefs and biases they hold. I agree that in order to establish a good working relationship with the client, it is important to put aside any differences.


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