Friday, April 29, 2011

Good and Bad Choices

One of my favorite singer is Sara Groves, I would not be surprised if you didn't know who is, she isn't well known. In fact, I only now who she is because she came to my college several years back and did a concert, and I fell in love with her music right there. Her song Genreations (which is hyperlinked under her name) is one of my favorite songs. It rememinds me of Sanda Wilson's book Hurt People Hurt People

The song is about the choice we make, and how they don't just affect us, but those around us, and the generation after that. In Wilson's book, she discuss the problem of sin caused by years of hurt on parents, and spouses and how they can affect children and other's who might depend on you. It is the bad choice we make, that temper that you lose at your kids, or that violent tendency, or snide remarks that are half joking, but a little bit true that you made to your friend, that hurts those around you, teaches children how to react, and how to behave in bad ways, and those ways will be handed down generation to generation.
kinda like that story about cutting the woman who cuts the ends off of a pot roast (I cut the ends off because my mom did that, who's mom did that, who's mom did that only because the pan was too small to hold the whole entire pot roast).

But if we turn it around and make those good choices in our lives, it will still affect those around us, but it will be a blessing, as Sara Groves Sings, rather than a curse. Because the choices we make to day will one day affect our children, our children's children and their children even after we are gone.

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  1. Thank you Katie for this GREAT post! I realized how much things are passed down from generations after hearing DR. Corsini's lecture on Attachment disorder which is very much a generational condition. My father-in-law came from a non-loving family so he did not allow his wife to pick up his two kids when they were young. Now I just figured out why my husband is the way he is and the reason why he has not been able to form good relationships with his kids and others. Now that my husband has been passed this information, maybe he will be able to explain attachment theory to his kids so they will form positive attachments with their kids and stop this destructive generational cycle!


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