Friday, August 26, 2011

Father flees forclosed home leaving 11 year son behind

Steven Alexander Cross, father of Sebastian Cross 11 years old, fled their foreclosed home in the middle if the night. The father left a note on his sleeping sons bed before fleeing, that told his son that he loved him and to take his PlayStation to the neighbors house and they would take care of him from now on. Steven Cross today is charged with a misdemeanor of child neglect, and the son is in custody of Dakota County Child Protection.

In reading this article its difficult not to apply this situation to the book "Hurt people, hurt people" by Sandra D. Wilson. In the first chapter of this book you read that its nearly impossible for a person hurting not to hurt those closest to them even if it is unintentional. This father must have felt a failure as a provider and father figure to his son, leaving him with what he thought a clear path to providing his son with a better future and to hide his shame from his son. Now his son is in State custody with no word from his father, who has still not been found. This is without a doubt a case of a hurting person hurting a person.

I'm sadden by reading this article that this man thought the best thing for his son was to abandon him. Instead of working with his son to maintain a family bond, he shattered it with running away from a tough situation, leaving a boy without a father, without security, and extreme upheaval. When we are in the most emotional pain of a situation we can damage those around us to the point of irreversibility. That is my personal reason to being on a track to becoming a professional that can help those hurting, to hurt those around them less, or not at all.

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