Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spiritual Disciplines Influences on Personal Growth

                 Spiritual Disciplines are part of the discipleship process. Life requires disciplines that adhere to the growth, structure and maturity of an individual. Spirituality requires meditation and time. According to Vos (2012) The spiritual disciplines deserve a place of prime importance in training and practice in daily life. The article mentions about the various types of spiritual disciplines that should be practiced in order for personal growth and influence. These Spiritual transformation can be done through solitude, silence, meditation, fasting, celebration and confession. All of which require discipline through training oneself and being equipped as soldiers. Spiritual discipline influences personal Growth to build great characters which reflect in one's daily interactions. In order to teach, one must be taught and without the process of growth in one's life, no other lives can be touched or inspired. It takes a willing heart and a willing sacrifice. Spiritual discipline calls for change, transformation and hope as it is the constant need for growth in human beings. 

                  To the world at large, in context of Christian community, "Jesus called us not to do what he did, but to be as he was, he was permeated with love" (Vos, 2012). Spiritual Discipline influences personal growth not just in the doing rather in the making. Any given spirituality whether that is Christian, Muslim, or Hindu; to do part take time and patience but the value in doing is to become. According to Willard, "spiritual disciplines as tried and true activiites undertaken in order to give our spirits more control over our bodies, by moulding and shaping our embodied selves" (Vos, 2012). Further, the world at large views spirituality as a sacred form of worship that indwells within a being. Once it takes form, it transforms. 

                    Spiritual disciplines are taken lightly in our world today. The depth by which an inner man is transformed through one's spirit is reflected in the outer man. Much of the disciplines done is to empower us or destroy us. Disciplines are meant to shape us, mend us, transform us and form us; however, spiritual discipline does all that and more. It influences, impacts and purifies us to become who God intended us to be. All the more, personal growth is an individualistic goal. I believe spiritual discipline requires supernatural source or power to bring us under the umbrella of grace that transforms our mind, body and spirit. Only God has the ability to change our hearts. 


Vos, B. (2012). The Spiritual Disciplines and Christian Ministry. Evangelical Review Of Theology,36(2), 100-114.


  1. Darlene,
    Great article. As I was reading it, I could identify the areas in my own life, where spiritual disciplines are important, where they have grown, and where there is still a need for improvement. I believe that self-assessment and being led by the Holy Spirit to identify those areas to sustain or improve is the key ingredient to a healthy growth curve.

  2. I like how your conveyed that first inner growth happens and then that leads to outer display. I think this basic principle gets lost continually. In the Bible there are passages related to praying in private and worshipping in a closet - clearly showing that growth is most important on a personal and internal level. I would agree that internal changes will lead to outward display, but outward display should not be the focus - it should just naturally happen.

  3. Darlene, I enjoyed reading your post. I absolutely agree that in order to teach, one must be will to be taught. We must be willing to learn the spiritual disciplines and in learning these disciplines, I believe we are growing and maturing in our walk with God. I also believe that as we practice spiritual disciplines we are transformed and then Rom 12:1-3 works effectively in us and through us.

  4. You did a good job in showing spiritual disciplines to be a process and a necessary one at that. We have to work at our relationship with the Lord as well as on ourselves. We can't change ourselves apart from Christ, but Christ also cannot change us without our willing participation in seeking growth.


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