Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harry Osborn - The Second Green Goblin

Harry Osborn, son of industrialist Norman Osborn, was first introduced on the Spiderman series as the best friend of Peter Parker (Spiderman). Going back to Harry's past one will discover some things that causes Harry to be the person he was depicted to be.

The birth of Harry weekened his mother severely, causing her to die. As a result, Harry's father became a cold and unloving father who dismisses Harry with contempt and lashes out at him frequently. The actions of his father resulted in him, Harry, spending much of his life trying to earn his father's approval.

Although fictional, this is a clear example of how hurt people, hurt people. Author Sandra Wilson, in her book "Hurt People Hurt People", describes how unseen wounds of parental verbal abuse and unavailability can leave persistent scars. Children often put more effort than necessary to get their parents approval when they are not cared for and loved in appropriate ways - the way that God intended. Not knowing that they are special to God, they may develop a sense of shame: a feeling that they are not good enough or worthless, often resulting in the making of inappropriate choices to deal with their hurt.

Harry Osborne eventually became the second Green Goblin in attempt to get his father's approval, even after he was dead. He sought to avenge his father's death by taking on his father's killer, Spiderman.

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  1. I love spider-man, but I have never taken the time to think about the psychology of one of my favorite comics. This is an incredible way to look at the upbringing of harry osborne, and I honestly did not even know that Harry's mother died while giving birth to him. That makes the entire character of the Green Goblin make so much for sense then it ever has to me.


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