Monday, March 5, 2012

Find Jokes, Find Truth

One of the chapter in the book “The Anxiety Cure” talks about ways to promote serotonin and GABA which are the happy messengers in human’s brain. In chapter 15, Dr. Archibald D. Hart illustrated how humor, laugh, and maintain a positive outlook influence human’s physical and mental health. He provided ways to help us to have an attitude of humor which most of us already know, such as read humorous book and comics, take time to play a prank, and to highlight humorous point in a difficult situation. They are all good suggestions and people usually follow those ways to entertain themselves. However, if you are very interested in looking for humor, there is a book that you should also look into. That is the Bible. Lots of people might feel surprised, but there are actually many funny stories in the Bible as well.    

Most of people think Bible is a somber book and people should read it with a serious attitude, because it is the word of God. However, God actually have revealed his humorous and fun character in several places. For instance, when God promised Sarah that she would give birth to a child at an old age (Genesis 18), Israelis ate meat in the desert (Numbers 11), Samuel anointed Jesse’ youngest son, David instead of his tall, strong, and intelligent brother (Samuel 16). Beside all the humorous history, Jesus, the son of God also showed his fun character when he came down to the earth. He enjoyed having party with people he loves, because the wine was almost gone in the wedding banquet that Mary asked Jesus for help. They must have a lot of fun that Mary did not want the guests to leave (Mathew 17). Moreover, Jesus talked about faith can be strong enough to move mountain. Jesus also said that adult have to return to be a child in Mathew 18, and in John 6, the miracle of Jesus feeding five thousand men and after that, he proclaimed that he is the bread of life and told people to eat him. The humor of God is not only present in some of his works but also his words.

        We are made to enjoy everything that God created for us; relationship, nature and his word. After he crated all the earth and human, he said it is very good. I believe when God said this, he had a huge smile on his face and cannot wait to enjoy the relationship and start to have exciting adventures with his children. Because God reveals his character through the special revelation (the Bible) and the general revelation (nature), we learn that he is a loving, righteous, creative… and of course a humorous God. Also, he tells us that his word is living and powerful (Hebrews 1:3, 4:12, Luke 1:37). If people believe that reading secular humorous book and comedies can enhance their “happy messengers” and bring some temporary relief, how much more “joy messengers” and true healing can God’s word provides to his beloved children.

Article about jokes in the Bible


  1. Wen Yu, this is a good reminder that often is not addressed. It true that so many people dwell so much on say God's judgment and wrath towards sin and standards for living that His mercy, grace, and joy received from living for Him is not believed nor felt. It is important to think about the Lord's character and to seek it out in order to grow closer to Him. It is ironic that so many people think of Jesus as serious, harsh, and legalistic, when in reality if you study and read the stories about His actions and the way He responded to men, women, and children, it is far from what people think. That only shows that there is a need to read the Bible more and understand who Jesus really was and is. Everyone thinks thoughts and has feelings towards the God of the universe which are not truth, thats why it is so important to remember who He is truly is and if confused to search the Scriptures. You are right, the truth is the Lord does have a sense of humor. He delights in His people and He also understands us as humans. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Wen Yu , this is a great realization that we as people forget. We are created in Gods Image so we embody his characteristics and Humor is one that is too often overlooked. Thank God Every Day for Laughter for your using his breath he breathed into you to do it!

  3. Wen Yu,
    I loved the video and post you shared. I thought the sermon was a great touch and a wonderfully fresh perspective on Christ. I often see God's humor in my own life and think about him just looking down at me and laughing and rolling his eyes. Our God is so ironic at times, it often makes me wonder how many of his "jokes" go completely over my head.

  4. Great post and video Wen Yu! I recently read this phrase somewhere: "laughter is the evidence of freedom." Your post reminded me of this phrase and I think it is true. When we feel bound or oppressed by trauma or the struggles of life, we don't feel free and we often forget what it's like to laugh or find humor around us. Fortunately because of our God, we can know that even when times are hard and we don't feel free, we are free, and He will help us to laugh again one day!

  5. I agree with everyone else that this post was a great reminder of the fact that God enjoys humor. I have heard that what you say to others is a good representation of what you value. For example if you say "Be careful" when you say goodbye to someone it could mean that you value safety or worry a lot. I often find myself telling others to "Have fun", which I think accurately represents my desire to enjoy life and be happy for what God has given us. I believe God does want us to be joyful and have fun. It makes me think of Ecclesiastes 3:12 (NIV)"I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live."


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