Monday, March 26, 2012

The Most Astounding Fact

Often in my free time, when completing my work and looking for simple way to relax, I find myself scouring the internet in search of interesting and unique videos to hit the web.  Recently, I stumbled upon a video entitled "The Most Astounding Fact" directed by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Already having over 2 million views on Youtube, this video's popularity gained my attention and I began to wonder what this astounding fact could be.  In this video Tyson gave his explanation of the universe and it's beginning, and how the very particles of the universe that make it so amazing are in us as well, actually giving a certain level of connectivity with ourselves and the universe at large.    The production work in the video was quite impressive, having many beautiful shots of nature and space, as well as the very cells that compose our being.  It seemed that the overall purpose of the video was to give people a hope that they are relevant in our world.
            However, as I am sure many others will agree, I found myself somewhat depressed after watching the video.  The past few weeks of our counseling class, our professor has been teaching us in detail about the fact that we are a unique creation in how we were made.  Each and every single one of us is created with both material and immaterial parts to our being, parts that die here on earth but others that will live on into eternity.  God has revealed in both his natural and special revelation that He created us to have fellowship with him, yet the weight of sin in our own lives has broken that bond and restoration and redemption is needed through the blood of Christ.  God desperately wants this restoration to happen, being willing to send his own Son in order that we may have a way back to him.
            As I mentioned earlier, the video by Tyson left me somewhat depressed despite the fact that many parts of the video were quite frankly beautiful.  The reason why I felt this sadness is due to the fact that people are searching so desperately for hope and relevance in this world, but they are looking in all the wrong places.  I have no doubt, especially when looking at the popularity of the video, that many people found some form of solace in this video in that they were given a bit of hope in this world, but it is pushing them farther and farther in the wrong direction.  What I honestly feel is the most astounding fact is that considering the magnitude and sheer complexity of the universe, seeing all the different creatures and galaxies that make us look like a very small dot in comparison, God specifically and carefully hand crafted each and every single one of us.  He considers us more dear and precious to Him than anything else, going as far to give up His only Son in order that we be brought back into His arms.  I just hope and pray that others see this and realize that they no longer need to search in vain for relevance in this world. 


  1. Jordan, Thank you for the post. I agree that it is sad to see the depths that people go to to find meaning in this world. I think that it is important, not only as counselors, but as Christians, that we take the time to show others the potential that God has given them. That they are not forgotten beings created by stardust, but they were specifically created by God.

  2. Jordan,
    I really enjoyed your post and I thought the video you shared was beautiful. It is an amazing topic to ponder, how great our God is. I believe it is often our duty as counselors to share with our clients that they are relevant, and that they have hope in their identity in Christ. We are all created for a purpose, to be in relationship with the Creator, who made the enormous universe, the microscopic atom, and me.

  3. I completely understand your depression as a response to this video. I often feel that way when I hear people (in the media or in person) talking about the ways that they find relevance in their lives. Many people try as hard as they can to convince themselves that they are important because of their jobs, their celebrity, the things that they own, their beauty, or any number of other aspects of their lives. However, as you pointed out, they are searching in vain to fill a longing in their lives that can only be filled by God.

  4. Initially the thought that I had is that some people seem desperate to feel some sort of connection to the rest of the universe. I wonder if they find comfort in the fact that they are not alone and that they are interconnected with the rest of creation. I got the impression that Tyson was trying to say that we should be proud that we are made from the same material as the rest of the universe, because we share this material we are bigger than we think. Maybe I'm thinking in the wrong direction but in a way we are interconnected with the rest of creation because God made everything and I think He desires harmony among all of His creation. Also I think about the fact that we were created from the dust of the earth, which to me means we do actually share the same matter. Maybe they are realizing that we are a significant part of creation, but they are not attributing it to God.


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