Friday, March 8, 2013

Imago Dei

In class, the idea of being created in the image of God, also known as Imago Dei has been addressed.  Being created in the very image of the holy Creator gives an individual significance and purpose.  Since this notion gives one such value, it is important to learn about the image of God and what it means to be created by Him.  There were three major points that were addressed in class.  First of all, God lives in community, and has designed His people to live in community as well.  God lives in community with His son and with the Holy Spirit.  The way in which they live with one another presents a perfect example of how God’s people are to live.  Additionally, the trinity has distinct roles, yet they are perfectly equal.  This design allows God’s people to understand that they have a unique purpose; nevertheless, no individual is greater than the other.  Lastly, the trinity exhibits intimacy.  This intimacy is has three parts to it: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  God’s people were created with this design for intimacy and they are able to look to the trinity as an example of the design being displayed.  It is interesting to look at the factors that are involved in being created in the image of God and it presents one with a sense of purpose as well as intention.
            Researcher, Gordon Kaufman, expresses that as the Christian analyzes man, two major factors are recognized.  First of all, man had been created in the image of God.   Secondly, because of the fall and man’s sinful nature, that image has been tainted by sin.  Kaufman writes that the being created in God’s image distinctly sets one apart from the rest of creation.  He further explains that, “ The image of God has often been viewed as an essential capacity or attribute distinctive of man, e.g., his rationality or his creativity or His capacity for moral responsibility.”  Understanding the image of God thus reveals the importance and significance of the individual being created in this unique manner.  To read more about this topic by Gordon Kaufman, go to this link
As a Christian counselor, it is vital to understand how one is designed and created.  Understanding this as well as the factors that are displayed from God’s image will help guide the counselor as they seek to give hope to their clients.  Additionally, considering that one was created with such purpose and care will potentially give the client direction and meaning through their trial or other various circumstances.
            It is tremendously beneficial to analyze the meaning of being created in God’s image.  Understanding that God’s image displays community, distinct roles, as well as intimacy gives one a greater understanding of their true nature in Christ.  As a potential counselor, it is vital for me to understand the meaning and implications of being created in God’s image so that I may more accurately point others to their significance and to who they are in Christ.

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