Monday, November 29, 2010


Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Blames Dropped Pass on God
Outrageous! Outrageous!  It is simply outrageous and ridiculous for a professional not to acknowledge his mistake. It is mind boggling for Mr Johnson shifting responsibility and blaming God for his fault. Honestly, you need to be ashamed of yourself for failing to live up to expectation.   You should be manly enough to acknowledge that you goofed. This episode revealed the shortsightedness of man and how ungrateful a man can be. Can you see how a man reacted negatively to the generosity of God. No matter how you feel or what you say about Him: He is still God.  Your perception of Him does not affect His Sovereignty. This is an example of self-centeredness of man. Whatever happens give thanks because He is faithful. Give Him praise for all He has done. He deserves it. Thanksgiving is an act that provokes the acts of God. It must be our daily endeavour.


  1. It is always surprising when people blame their mistakes on God. I find it sad, Jesus gave His life for us and we are consistently slapping Him in the face when we blame Him. Some of the blaming is completely ridiculous, like in the case of the receiver in this article. However other times the blaming can seem to be somewhat true. In some cases, such as a child dying or a job lost, people blame can God and it can be difficult to refute this acquisition. But I think the truth that we must offer to these people is that the character of God is love and He promises that all things work for good, even fumbled football passes.

  2. Our personal struggles with God isn't something we should be broadcasting to the world. I do not know what kind of person this guy is or what kind of relationship he has with God, but I do not think he wise to broadcasting such a thing like that to the world. I am not sure what he was thinking, but there is no way he can be justified with a statement like that. There is no excuse to be made, we have no right to blame God no matter the situation and even if we do blame Him in our own insight, we should not broadcast it to the whole world thinking we are right because the fact is we are not and HE is TRUTH! Everything we do should be for the glory of God not for ours.

  3. This is really sad to hear. In no way, shape, or form does catching or dropping a football have to do with God. Blaming God because the guy dropped a football is an extremely immature thing to do. Instead of being grateful to God for things such as health, family, a job-- people just complain about the things that go wrong! We all need to stop complaining about what we do not have and be grateful for the things God has blessed us with.


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