Thursday, September 29, 2011

26 year old Rezwan Ferdaus from Massachusetts decided to use his physics degree to make a controlled airplane strapped with C-4 a flying bomb to target the Pentagon. Rezwan said that he was redicallzed by watching videos on the internet but authority say there appears to be no connects to terrorists organizations.
Thankfully this man did not succeed in his mission because he was involved in a two year sting operation with the FBI, which had given him the C-4.

The young man is a US citizen and was never suspected by family and friends of being capable to become a terrorist. This man changed his attitude so quickly about his country for neutral to hatred. Was his mind changed by a simple video on the internet? This story reminds me of a chapter in Living By The Book, how we can misinterpret and often create a whole scenario in our minds that was never intend by a publisher of a book (the Bible), or an internet video. Maybe the internet video that the man watched was intended to stir hatred and bring about a physical changed in the world, or it might have been misconstrued, whatever the cause each person must be very careful of the messages we receive each day and how to interpret them. We are bombarded each day with mixed message and must learn how to be decisive how we let things effect our lives and outcomes.

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