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The Illumanati Present in The Music Industry

The Illumanati (plural of the Latin word illumanatus which transalates enlightened) can be traced back to the sun and the isis cults of ancient Egypt, a Spanish Bavarian society founded in 1776, and to freemasonry. Members of these societies claim to have spiritual enlightenment. There members take part in ocultic rituals, make blood oaths to be killed if they ever reveal the existence of the society, and sell their souls to the devil.

Before continuing please view the following clips:

Evil in the music industry

When insiders expose the dark side

Illumanati rebellion: It will cost you your life

These clips highlight the existence of the illumanati in the music industry and how fame is acheived by selling your soul to the devil. These music artiste make a bargain with the "cheif commander ....who live lives on this earth and in the world we can't see." (Dave Dylon on an iterview)

Artiste often take on alter egos as a symbolic representation of being taken over by demons to obtain success. Britney Spears' alter ego, Mona Lisa, was acquired in 2004 just after she was inducted into Illumanati.

More recently, Beyonce acquired the alter ego, Sascha Fierce, skyrocketing her success in the music industry.

In 2006 Britney Spears began singing about her rebellion,"to find the truth" as she put it, from the Illumanati and warned about their techniques used to "deceive" and the selling of souls. Since then Britney has gone through what many would explain as psychological melt downs. She often talked about being tired of her handlers - mind controlling spiritual forces. Britney's life and career took a nose dive after trying to break free from her spiritual bondage - Illumanati.

The book by Neil Anderson entitled The Bondage Breaker shed light on the reality that demons are active on the earth today just as the were when Jesus was on earth. He cites the New Testement, Ephesians 6:12, to emphasize that believers will wrestle "against the rulers, against the powere, against the forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Anderson goes on to bolster his stance and posits that the new age course is the same as the old age spiritualsm in the old testement with new terms. Looking at the aformentioned clips, it is plain to see that the new age form of spiritual darkness is very present in this world. The change in terms that Anderson has pointed out is also reflected in the words 'handler' and 'cheif commander.'

Prior to Jesus dying on the cross, divinely empowered agents such as Jesus himself and his appointed apostles, were necessary to take authority over demonic powers in the world. Jesus dying on the cross and resurecting changed the nature of spirtitual conflicts for ever. His death and resurection triumphed over and disarmed the rulers and authorities of the kingdom of darkness. See Colossians 2:15, Matthew 28:18, and Ephesians 2:5,6 for futher affirmation of the truth of Christ's victory and satan's defeat.

Anderson notes that it is truth that will help you to sucessfully stand against the enemy's attempt to intimidate you. People are in bondage to the lies they believe(pg 11). Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (John 8:32). Britney had the right idea about looking for truth to break free from her spiritual bondage. The problem is she was not liiking in the right place or more importantly, to the right peron - Jesus Christ, to find that truth. She relied on herself to find the truth and to break free. Self-sufficiency is the number one damn that is holding back the rivers of revival (pg 38). The enemy is a destroyer. As Britney sought the truth, he set out to destroy and kill her so that she would not find the truth that would set her free.

Britney's perceived psychological mental illness was a spiritual battle for her mind. Becuse the western worlview has conditioned many to look for every possible physical and psychological explanations, it is understandable that in Britney's case, most people saw her actions as a psychological problem, labeling her as having depression and dissociative personality disorder.

Because these artiste sold their souls for gain in the lower life (this life and not eternity), they are damned to lose their lives if they do not find the truth which is in Christ Jesus. "Shoot for this world and that's all you'll get, and eventually lose even that. But shoot for the next world, and God will throw in the benefits of knowing him now" (pg 41). Knowing God and His truth is the only thing that will set captives free.

For more information on the Illumanati in the music industry click on the link.


  1. This blog is interesting and i watched the videos attached, however i feel this is a conspiracy type story. Yes most popular music is "unlike Christ" but i don't think its because they are devil worshipers, or constricted by a demon, i think its because we live in a fallen world and sin is popular. I don't deny that some celebrities may be seeking the help of "the devil" but in all honesty this simply looked like a attack on pop culture because its not following christian morals,and not like a well investigated report.

  2. Interesting topic to say the least. And while I do believe that there may be evil in the pop culture industry, to say that it is fully Satanic I think may be a little extreme. As a performer myself, I think the idea that "Sasha Fierce" is actually a demonic spirit that takes over Beyonce is a misinterpretation. For those of us who love to perform, but are very shy and reserved it takes a lot for us to overcome that on stage. A lot of the changes that do take place have more to do more with the adrenaline rush of being on stage than any other outside influences such as spirits. I think one needs to be careful not to jump to conclusions and finding the devil in the details.

  3. Celebrity behind the scene practices and ideas always make somebody wonder. I remember watching a ministry video shown in the church I grew up in about the truth behind music. I will never forget some of the symbolic dances and picture representations that are used in these main-stream, popular, famous music videos. I know the video talked about how some of these big celebrities felt that something took over when performing on stage. With all of this said though, God made music for his glory. I was told that it is not the music, but the people behind the music. The devil is sly, a lot of people just like the music, they are not trying to get caught up in worshiping the Devil. It happens unnoticed though. I think that when believers really want to hear from God, he will give them discernment about these different artists. It's kind of amazing that many big artists have direction from demons. Thank God he is our present help in the time of trouble. Nothing is worth losing your soul over.

  4. The claim that the Illuminati has infiltrated the music industry is not a knew one. Research A man by the name of John Todd. He claimed that he was an ex-Illumanist who had converted to Christianity. He was very popular in the 70's what with all of the Rockin & Rollin going on. I personally have done a lot of research into what people label conspiracy theories all involving the Illumanati, Freemasonry, etc. and have made my own conclusions.

    It can not be debated that the devil's influence is in the music industry, especially the mainstream music. Are artists like Jay-Z,Brittany Spears, and Lady Gaga in a satanic cult or are they simply delivering what sells? Or does it matter one way or the other? The fact is the devil will use whatever tools available to deceive as many people as possible and the music industry seems to be playing into his hand regardless of their intentions.

  5. While it is debatable whether or not this is true or a conspiracy theory, we must look past it to understand what is expected of us. The truth here is that no one owns his or her soul. We all belong to God. Therefore, we must remember that these misguided individuals must be made aware of their need for Christ and understand that it is not too late for them to accept Christ. They are never too far gone and we must therefore work to the best of our abilities to bring them to Christ. I would agree that there are many examples of Illuminati or Freemason mythology in the art surrounding these artist's art, it is important that we do not jump to conclusions.


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