Monday, September 19, 2011

Theological influence in an unintentional way or misusing your influence as a professional in Theology?

              It’s never pleasant to hear of a great leader having accusations about their teaching methods and theological approach of being so drastic that they are assumed to be hiding crimes. Of course anything that may lead to sin starts with temptation. The author of The Bondage Breaker would put it this way, a world under demonic influence keeps you from reaching your goals like a pimp would who manipulates for sexual sins. Thank God that our advocate in heaven will hear a sincere cry and give us a chance to change. 1 John 2:1 tells believers what they should do if they sin. It also lets us know that God cares and that he wants us to live a life free of sin. Romans 6:12 lets believers know that sin is very real.
              Everything a believer is comes by God’s grace. It is important for a believer to be well aware of demonic influence through discernment. This article clearly connects the relationship such a power driven and conquering theological approach can have on the influences of people. Apparently this bishop’s congregation feels they deserve to know the truth about the criminal charges about sexual relationships with young boys. This article also talks about how the truth of the accusations will clear up doubts about what the money was actually supporting in the bishop’s ministry. A believer that knows God’s character stands firm on biblical truths, but also constantly confesses sin and trusts the power of God to keep them from habitual sin.



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  1. It is always a heart breaking thing to hear about sexual abuse. It is at times even more unbearable to hear that a supposedly trusted religious leader commits such an act. The Christian Churches reputation has been stained and marred by so many awful things in our past and will no doubt have a few more blemishes in the future. The important thing to remember is that we are all fallen and in desperate need of the Holy Spirit's guidance and God's grace. If we can show the world that we can forgive our fellow believers and in turn be more gracious and forgiving of the non-believers, we may ever so slightly redeem our tarnished past and provide a little hope for the Churches future.


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