Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heaven is Real

Heaven is for Real is a true story about a boy named Colton who had to have emergency surgery. Colton was four years old at the time of his surgery. During his surgery, while unconscious, he entered into Heaven. He survived the life-threatening surgery and later told about some of what he saw while in Heaven, how he was able to look down and see the doctors as they performed the surgery, as well as how he watched his Dad pray in the waiting room during his surgery. Initially his family was unclear about what to believe. But as Colton began to share about meeting his miscarried sister (whom he had never been told about), and details about his great-grandfather (who had died 30 years before Colton was born), they soon realized that Colton's experiences were very real. Heaven is for Real is told by Todd Burpo, Colton's father, but is often in Colton's own words.

Recently in class we discussed the "material" and "immaterial" parts of a person. Dr. Corsini shared stories about "cooberating evidence" and how research has shown the validity of deathbed experiences in which people were pronounced dead, or flat-lined, but were revived and later shared details about their out-of-body experiences. During these experiences they were very aware of their surroundings and were often also aware of remote events.

To me, from a purely rational or logical perspective, Colton's experience, as well as similar experiences of others, is difficult to fully comprehend. But as a Christian that believes that a person consists of a material part as well as an immaterial part, and that Heaven is indeed a very real place, I find these stories extremely fascinating and incredibly exciting.


  1. This is such an interesting area of exploration. I read Heaven Is For Real this summer and really struggled with believing Colton's story. I think experiences like these can be very encouraging for us as believers but that we must also exercise caution and discernment when evaluating stories like these.

  2. I am always interested in the posture and motives of parents or people bringing stories like these. What I saw in the video seemed discerning, without selfish ambition and honest. For the secular cynic there is fodder for skepticism that does not necessarily question their motives. He, even at four, had an environment of faith around him. Could the comfort he felt in "Jesus' lap" be his description of ultimate comfort because of the values he was already immersed in as a child? Personally I want to believe it because of my faith and values and because of my perception of credibility in this family.

  3. I find this a fascinating story, and in some areas similar to what I have read or heard about in other people's experiences. However, what I find even more interesting is how this book is a New York best seller. Here is a book talking about heaven, yet it has topped the charts. People are interested in reading about out of body experiences, heaven, and hell; yet when someone mentions their faith very few are interested. I guess I have always wondered why people are ok with talking about heaven, yet when you try to talk to someone about your faith they no longer share that same interest.

  4. I find it hard to believe that there are animals in heaven. Maybe when there is a new heaven and a new earth there will be animals there, but I do not think the bible supports the notion that animals are in heaven.


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