Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can Christians be possessed by demonic influences?

Throughout the past 2 weeks, the class was assigned a book entitled The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson. We hear all about people breaking their chains when they find Jesus and learn to know Him on a personal and intimate level. Anderson highlighted the prevalence of demonic activity and the power that Satan has over this world. Knowing who you are in Christ is a huge step in battling the powers of darkness and resisting him.

I’ve wrestled with this for the past week. Can Christians be possessed by demons? Anderson’s approach disagrees with this question at hand. He poses that we can be oppressed by demons, but never possessed. Even possession has its exceptions if Christians become negligent and invite evil spirits into their lives. They will remain under spiritual bondage until they call on the LORD and ask Him to free them. There is power in the name of Jesus, but the demons do not have to answer to us. Using prayer as our defense is the best tool that we can fight against spirits of darkness. To answer this question in an absolute light, no, we cannot be possessed because we are already owned through the blood of Jesus. We are stained and redeemed by His blood and we are unable to be possessed by anything or anyone other than Jesus. Even if we become involved and consumed in the occult, we are still able to turn to Jesus; however, once Satan has caught a believer off the righteous path, he will fight to keep that Christian trapped in darkness.

Something that Anderson tried to make clear was that he does not have special powers or any superhuman abilities to cast out demons. Anyone who is in Christ has the same power of the Spirit as Jesus had when He was resurrected from the dead. Christ commissioned His body of believers with all authority so that we might be empowered by the Spirit. Any Christian is able to communicate through prayer to the Father as a result of our salvation. When we call on Him in faith, Satan does not stand a chance. Anderson mentioned that Satan uses fear and intimidation as his primary weapon to paralyze his victims. He is like a lion, as described in 1 Peter 5:8, who is on the lookout for someone whose faith is wavering and easily influenced. The first half of that verse says that we should be sober-minded and on watch. The moment we become prideful or think that Satan is not tempting us is the time when he chooses to strike.

Hopefully, no one was greatly discouraged by this post. Satan and his demons are very real, but they are not Truth. God is absolute Truth; He is light in darkness; and He is perfect, unwavering, and steadfast love that casts out fear. Call on Him during your fear and He will deliver you. The LORD has an impeccable reputation of rescuing and delivering His children during their distress just as He did with Israel.
To learn more about Neil Anderson's ministry, click on the link provided. Freedom In Christ Ministries

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  1. Great post! The more and more people that I meet from the church, it seems that I get more surprised at how many people believe demonic forces are no longer at work in our world today. Even though I knew that there were still things like this going on in the world today, Anderson has really helped me to understand that I at least have to be mindful that these things may be happening even in the situations and people I may counsel in the future. We have to consistently be grounded in the Word and prayer to find God's truth over the lies of the world.


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