Monday, February 13, 2012

Unsovled Hurt Breeds ....HURT

Here is a story about a special girl named Alyssa Bustamante, who was born with drug using teenage parents. In Alyssa’s early childhood her father was imprisoned, and her mother abandoned her. She at a young age was left to be raised by her grandmother; Alyssa's life progressed with an attempted suicide in the 7th grade and a prescribed double dose of Prozac for depression. At 15, young Alyssa used her younger sister to lure a girl named Elizabeth into the woods, where she strangled, stabbed, and silted the throat of the nine year old, she then laid her neatly in a predug grave, after this event she went home wrote in a diary about the days exciting thrill, and then got dressed for church.... Now 18 she is facing life in prison.    
Unsolved Hurt, Breeds a Hurtful Disaster

Hurt people, hurt people; Hurt people numb the pain, but incautiously live the hurt; and Hurt children internalize and blame themselves as the cause of hurt. This Idea was generated by the readings of Hurt People, Hurt People. By Wilson it may seem like a cliche however, Sandra Wilson highlights on the idea that Children want to do one thing in this life and that is to live! In living children, Alyssa, asked these three questions; “Can I be safe?" Meaning can I trust, "Can I be me?” Meaning can I be Honest, “Can I be Accepted?" Meaning can I just be loved just because (p73) . The answer for Alyssa to these  questions were No, No, and No. Wilson said this, when the answer to these questions are No;

“Eventually Children give up hope of having their needs met, So they “stop” having them, the problem, is that deadening feelings Does not make them disappear, they merely take on a disguise and show up later as something else – often something surprising or hurtful "(p76)

In Alyssa life this revealing of the deaden feelings paired with double dosage of prescribed Prozac, was not just hurtful but deadly. Alyssa is special girl; she is an 18 year old apologetic teen, who will spend her life in jail. Could this have been prevented, yes! This reveals that children are indeed infected by their environment, whether the infection is positive or negative is determined by how the three questions are answered and perceptions in which the child receives the answer.

Questions to think about:
 Was her mother using while she was pregnant, did that have an effect?
 What role did her church family play?
What role did the grandmother play?
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  1. This is horrific and very sad! I can not imagine something like this happening and done by children. It is so sad what this little girl must have gone through to drive her to such evil. I have heard many times that if babies are not touched enough they will die. Perhaps this played into her life and brutality as a young teen. It is amazing how important proper care and love is to a child to develop normally. This story just demonstrates to me how much this world really needs Jesus.

  2. I believe there must be lots of hurt that she can only buried in side of her heart, learned to deniel all her needs and transfered them into the act of anger. I felt heart breaking for her and the victim's family. From my view point, although she was influenced by the drug when her mom pregnant, I think her family has greater impact on her.


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