Friday, February 17, 2012

True Freedom In Christ

        This song is about forgiveness. The title of this song is directly translated into Crime and Punishment and is sung by Semmi Cheng and Vanness Wu, who are both very popular singers and actors in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. After they experience the salvation of Christ and consequently became Christians, they start to share their faith boldly through their music, pop news interviews and other forms of media. It is amazing to see how the grace of God penetrates the secular media markets and influence this generation with the power of His love.

My most adored, would you forgive me?

would you save my soul?

Before I was proud and rebelled against you

I would lose myself and shout at you often

Now I pray although I am not worthy of this grace

Please guide me in Your way of life


I’m holding my hand in the shape of a fist, no hope.

The media is full of death and revenge

Belief is only about seeing

That’s just how the world is

Focus on achievement but forget about salvation

People fight hard just to satisfy the self

When did I also become so demoralized?

The hope of revival dropped into the depths of the lust

The sin I have, I don’t dare to see

I can’t believe that you are willing to shed your blood for us

Is it worth you doing so?

Don’t you worry that I will forget?

I might fail again and again

Don’t you tell me that it is worth all You’ve done

I should pay the punishment for the mistake I made

You are pure and without sin, but you paid your life to redeem my life.

I am nobody, why do you want to be the target

The most high who I adore, can you forgive me?

The sin that I am scared to see

Here I come, home


All sins are crucified. All tears will be forgotten

You are God but became a man and saved my soul

You give up your throne and made me a testimony

Stay no longer in this veracious cycle

I will live for you, only for you

The conversation between good and evil

Cannot scared me, because you speak to me

The water you give will never run dry

The love you offer will never die

If only we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth

Everything impossible would become possible

People might think we are ridiculous

Because they do not understand what they have done

The hands of prayer, the hands of fists

Soon all will know who the true hero is

I am no one, but the one who was cursed

Oh heaven, we are punished because we sin

Yet, you carried all sin on the cross

You let me know

There is war in the world

In your name my heart and soul become strong

You want me to know

The world is changing

Still, I am not afraid in you

Perhaps the fear that is in our past controls us for so long that the truth which we hope to believe seems too strange to believe. We are struggling and blinded in the well of guilt, shame, self-pity and self-deprecation. Thankfully, God’s creation, salvation and revelation provide hope. God not only reveals all truth, but also acts as a counselor; the Holy Spirit walks alongside of us. The conversation between the good and evil is no longer in the same position, instead, God is on the throne proclaiming the truth and condemning evil. On the contrary, Satan is stuttering and trembling in the presence of most high God. For Christians, who believe they are saved by the grace of God, understand their identities are in Christ, and know that the authority to rule over the darkness of this world has been given to them. The war might continue, but because the assurance of His resurrection, Christians are not fighting with their flesh, but remain calm with a prayerful and hopeful heart. Because of the light of God the wickedness and weakness of Satan are exposed; they no longer have power to deceive Christians.

It was an eye opening experience for me when I first learned that humans are created in God’s image, and that He gives himself for us when we were still sinners and could not be trusted. Everything He has He gives to us, all His love and righteousness, His nature of relationship, the capacity to love, the ability to create, an identity of eternal means, as well as value and equality in Christ. Because he himself, the majestic King, brings all contentment, there is no other gift that can or will be even a little better than the gift of Himself. He is the most wonderful present that any human could ever receive. Just think of a best friend you have in your life in this world. Would you trust them so much that you are willing to give your name and identity to them? Moreover, think of a famous person that you admire a lot. Would that person want to meet or talk to you? Even if you have special opportunity to meet this person, do you think he or she would want to build a relationship with you or even take punishment for you? What a privilege we have to know the almighty God and to call ourselves ‘Christians’. If we recognize how much grace He has given us, and that every characteristic and ability he has are also inside of us, how much should we also recognize that we should, can, and will live faithfully in freedom of truth, giving thanks to Him always?  


  1. The song is very powerful! Of course I could not understand what they were saying, but their music video with the red yarn revealed a lot. You are so right. It is amazing that the God of the universe would die for us and then also trust us to be the salt and light for Him in the world. So many times I mess up or am not loving. I get caught up in me and my needs, and forget about others around me. I forget that God loves them so much He died for them and as His child He has asked me to share Him with them. This is a very powerful reminder of that. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

  2. I watched the video you posted before reading your post and of course I did not understand what was being sung. However after reading the lyrics I wish I could understand the song in it's native language. The lyrics were impactful and direct, which I feel is impressive for two individuals who are very prominent in the entertainment industry. I especially liked the lyrics that said "You are pure and without sin, but you paid your life to redeem my life. I am nobody, why do you want to be the target." You made a great point in discussing how there are very few people in this world (if any) that would give their life for another. That is why it is so amazing to think that the God who created us was willing to give His own son's life for us. We should not have fear because we have a God that loves us so much.

  3. I really enjoyed your post! It is great to see that God is at work all over the world, especially after hearing of so much restriction and persecution in China. People need to know that they do not have to live lives without hope, that there is one out there that truly cares for them and their well being. It is great to see that even in popular media God's word is still breaking forth to thousands of people. Great post!


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