Monday, April 9, 2012

Connected, but Alone?

Technology has taken hold of our lives so much that we seldom take time to enjoy real conversation. People are connected but actually feel isolated. We desire intimacy and understanding but fear taking the risk of revealing our true selves. Sherry Turkle illustrated it by introducing the Goldilocks effect: not too close, not too far, and just right. In order to avoid making mistakes, we want to be in control and present the self we desire to be through technology rather than having a real life conversation. The connection we have now is more like a symptom than a cure. People connect because they are lonely and want to be fulfilled instead of being fully pleasant and present for others. It is important to learn how to be alone (having a sense of satisfaction when I am alone) so I could get along. You can watch the video here

The book Connecting is talking about how humans are created in God’s image, we live for connecting with God and other people. The emptiness of our hearts can only be satisfied by God, and only through his salvation can we obtain the connection with others. Presently, it seems like technology has taken place of real connection with others, it has shaped not only what we do but also who we think we are. The deep desire of relationship which God has put inside of us has never changed, but constantly we chose to build our own house, hope to be right, to feel adequate, to live in safety and fulfillment, but forget the best treasure God has in store for us. When we are satisfied in Him, the treasure within us can be so powerful that it comes out of us and enable the life we connect to raise up with a sense of vitality. This is the power of love, joy and hope which can only experience through the relationship with Him and in Him.

God created everything for good and He gives his creativity and intelligence to us so we can take control of things He granted to us. Contrary to the worldview alone, Christians who frequently find truth in God enjoy solitude because God made us whole. An article on Facebook can ingenerate a dry spirit to find the source of water, a video on Youtube can strike a fainted heart to live again, music playing on an MP3 can call a rebellious heart back to the Father’s arm and even transform thousands of lives. I believe technology can be a blessing if we do not depend on it to complete or erase our deficiency and loneliness and not allow it to control us, but we are to take charge of it for the glory of the Lord.        

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  1. Very well said! I could not agree more with everything you have written here. I personally love music, the internet, and other technology, but I have realized that too often technology takes up too much of my time. Also, I have wondered lately what we ever did when we did not have cell phones, and how we got along without having the internet on our cell phones. I almost wish we could go back to those times, and then sometimes, I do not wish that at all. I highly value technology, but I am afraid it is costing us valuable connection with God and with each other. I hope and pray He helps us with our obsession to be in control via technology.


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