Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SOUL Searching with the MAN in the MIRROR!?

  Lil Wayne a very popular secular rap artist  recently put out a song entitled “Mirrors”, the song its self is not an issue however when combined with the music video it has stirred up very mixed emotions.  Primarily because in the music video Lil Wayne paints a picture of himself being crucified  on a music symbol, while also betraying many symbolic references to himself being JesusChrist . Some people took this video as being disrespectful, demon associated and some thought of it as just creative, but the real motive is one that only God and Lil Wayne Knows, however it is apparent that it involves more than a Material or fleshly influence. He quotes in his song “Gotta start with the man in the mirror, Michael taught me that” What is this Famous rap star trying to express, is he soul searchin if so why crucify his self?
    In class we discussed  the Immaterial and Material makeup of a human being.  We spoke on spirituality being an attribute of the immaterial man, and how developing ones spiritual direction of development can push you towards the truth, or away from it;.  Lil Wayne gives us a glimpse of his immaterial man with these lyrics

I see the truth in your lies
I see nobody by your side
But I'm with you when you're all alone
And you correct me when I'm lookin' wrong
I see the guilt beneath the shame
I see your soul through your windowpane
I see the scars that remain
I see you Wayne
I'm looking at the
   This Song by  Lil Wayne is an example of self-mediation looking inside yourself for the answer, relying on self to define self.  Though this controversial Rapper may be looked down upon he does what a lot of us do as Christians we take it upon ourselves to fix our problems, we become our own Christ on the cross. Just as Wayne betrayed being crucified we Incautiously mimic the same imagery, by meditating on our on truth instead of Gods truth, this then pushes us away from divine truth.  So this dramatic wakeup call makes you think what am I meditating on and is it pushing me toward truth or away from it?


  1. Emily, it is so true that if we do not recognize God as our God, we would only look answers within ourselves and lead to the path of death. It also reminds me of our recent study of Psalm 1; if we meditate God's words day and night, we would be like the streams of water which would never perish. His words protect us from walk, stand and sit in the darkness. Thanks for posting it.

  2. No problemI thought this would be a remindeer for all of us.. :-)


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