Sunday, November 13, 2011

Designed to Connect

The Help, based on a book with the same name, was set in Jacksom Mississipi during the Civil Rights era. The connection betwwen two of the maids - the Help - especially stuck out to me after Dr. Corsini's discussion about the way we humans were designed to connect. One of the protagonist in the movie, Aibileen (who was telling the story), described the era as hell and said that her relationship with "God and Millie" helped her get through the turmoils and the death of her son.
Dr. Crabb in his book entitled Connecting suggests that God designed us to connect and that He has deposited within us the power to heal soul disease through connecting with eachother. Aibileen connected with God through prayer and within the church community. She also connected with Millie who was her friend. They talked, listened to one another and joked together. This type of connection helped her to find humor and laughter in her given situation. When they were feeling scared and insecure, Millie and Aibileen confided in eachother which produced healing and relief.

Another aspect that was highlighted by Dr. Crabb and was also depicted within the movie was Vision. Aibileen was told by her son that she would be a writer some day. When approached to tell her story Aibileen remembered that "vision" and this may have helped her in agreeing to do so even when it had been a very dangerous task. Dr. Crabb suggests that "when we connect with each other on the basis of a vision for who they are and what they could become," that power that is released can overcome fear, insecurity, and pride. The vision Aibileen got through connecting encouraged her to do something that would intiate change inspite of fears and insecurities.

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