Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lasting Connections

For anyone who has not seen the movie Facing the Giants, I would highly recommend it. The movie follows the story of a football coach of a Christian school who seems to face obstacle after obstacle. His car is falling apart, he's struggling to make ends meet, and his superiors are just waiting for an excuse to replace him as head coach. In a moment of desperation, Coach Taylor cries out to God. In this moment his heart changes and he realizes that his whole focus has been in the wrong place.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is a speech Coach Taylor gives to his boys before one of the games; he calls it the new team philosophy. His new philosophy changes their perspective from fleeting fame and glory to seeking to please and glorify God in all that they do. Win or lose, they will have given it their all.

I personally love this movie because I'm a sucker for any inspirational movie, especially sports movies. I especially love this movie, though, because it makes me think of how we connect with other people. As I read Larry Crabb's book "Connecting" I couldn't help but think about the people who have made a significant impact in my life and why. Most of them were significant figures in my life because they believed in me, invested in me, and saw my mistakes but knew I was more capable than I ever realized. I feel this is similar to the idea behind Larry Crabb's book.

Crabb states that humans were made with an innate sense of connection. We desire it, we long for it; but Crabb isn't just referring to emotional connection. He stresses the importance of spiritual connection. Just liking the same things as someone else or having similar interests aren't going to matter when it counts the most. For counselors, all the empathy in the world won't matter if your client never feels a strong enough or deep enough connection. Crabb states that one of the deepest and most effective ways to connect is through a true, spiritual connection. Looking past all the mistakes, the shortfalls, the deficits and seeing the potential. A little faith in someone can go a long way.

After Coach Taylor gave his speech, something out of the ordinary happens. The school experiences a revival (see clip below.) This scene is another favorite of mine because it just goes to show what can happen when we step out of the way and let God do his work through us.


  1. Connection is such a powerful force. This is made apparent in today's culture but unfortunately the type of connection that is being touted today has to do with sex appeal and throwing ourselves to whomever will have us. Hopefully our society will one day come to the realization that true connection is more than sexual attraction.

  2. The topic of connection is both interesting and dynamic, and something that needs to be discussed more in the church. It is so evident that everyone, especially teenagers, long for connection, long to feel like they belong. However, they need people who will see them, as you said, not for their mistakes and failure but as God sees them.

  3. This whole idea of "connecting" has been a great motiviator to me. My wife and I love to get to know people and try to be a blessing to those around us. But this book has put a new energy and perspective on it. In fact, we just got back from a trip to upstate NY to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving. It was very meaningful to hear so many people say that we made a big difference to them and that they feel very close to us- some even used the term "connected." By God's grace, we're living out this "connecting" idea in some small way and it is an honor to be used by our awesome God in whatever way He chooses.

  4. Thank you for your personal touch on this artical, i felt like you really invested your emotions into why connection is so important to all of us. Sometimes i think we forget that the desire to belong and connect with people around is so important to a healthy life as a person but also as Christians.

  5. Great movie with a great message. After returning to school 3 years ago and learning about different theories, various counseling skills, etc. I still believe that the relationship we build with a client, the "connection" we make with them, is one of the most vital ingredients in helping a client experience change and healing. Personally, I hope to counsel in an environment where I can not only openly connect with clients spiritually, but help then connect to the ultimate source of healing, a relationship with Jesus Christ.


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