Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Divorce on the Uptake

It comes as no shock that yet another Hollywood couple ended up in divorce. Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband Kris Humphries last week. Whats most shocking about this divorce announcement is that it came only 72 days after the 10 million dollar marriage took place. The article states that she cited irreconcilable differences for the split. The media has been insinuating trouble in paradise ever for the couple ever since their August 20th marriage. While the media has spread numerous split rumors between the two, Kardashian herself made a statement on twitter confirming the divorce. A divorce between two Hollywood stars is nothing new, its almost as popular as weddings in Hollywood, sadly the trend isn't just in Hollywood, the divorce rate in the United States has skyrocketed within the past 10 years.
Divorce is not a new subject especially in America, it has become almost the new norm for marriages. However divorce goes against Gods original Blueprint which is being in perfect community and intimacy with God and one another. There are three aspects to this perfect intimacy that we discussed in class a couple of weeks ago. To have perfect intimacy we have to have the three aspects to intimacy all working in harmony, they are Emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, and spiritual intimacy. Due to the Fall we as mankind no longer have perfect community or intimacy with God or one another, and because of this disruption of the blue print we are experiences backfires in our relationships. Interpersonal relationships in our society are highly lacking because of this disconnect from God that we now have. As Christians we have a reconciliation with God through Christ who died for our sins, he now acts as a bridge to put us back into a harmonious relationship with God. However were still not at that perfect state, most specifically those who do not know Christ as their savior, because of that we have this gaping hole that we are trying to fill with superficial relationships with others. However, we cant have that perfect community with one another if we don't first have it with God.
While we all may have our own opinion about the Kardashian's, some even non existent, this article serves as a reminder of the norm when it comes to relationships in our country. Divorce is sadly becoming the norm for marriages, and this is largely in part because of our disconnect from our Lord, and from one another. I think that our emptiness due in part from this disconnect from God, even as Christians leads us to seek out any and all kinds of relationships. This leads to superficial relationships, based on how we as humans perceive them. These superficial relationships can manifest in many different ways, being close on a spiritual level in that you both know one another and God on a deeper level, but yet your lacking in the other two. Some of these superficial relationships can be based purely on sex, others can be deep on a emotional level in that that they are in tune to each others feelings, but yet they lack a connection of the others. Because we focus our relationships on one or two of these characteristics it leaves us vulnerable to unsatisfaction with ourselves and our significant others. In my opinion this is why there are so many divorces and unhappy marriages in our country. We settle on what we perceive to be fulfilling instead of praying, and letting God lead us into a relationship that is pleasing in his eyes.


  1. Honestly, it saddens me to see marriage cheapened like this- although, like you said, it is certainly no surprise. It does indeed take hard work. It is a selfless endeavor- I don't know how or why unsaved people stick with it. I would simply go the way the world obviously is and just live with someone. Without God in the middle, I wouldn't even try it. I've been married almost 15 years and it has been the hardest "assignment" with by far the biggest payoff of my life. I think God really uses marriage to grow us up spiritually. In marriage, your weaknesses become almost impossible to hide. God has brought me a long ways, with plenty left to go, through being married to my best friend. He gave me a wonderful girl to be married to and it is truly an honor and joy. I'm thrilled He came up with this marriage idea and I only wish more people got to experience how great it really can be when we do it His way.

  2. It really does pay to have direction from God when making major decisions. Waiting on God to bring that right person can be very difficult. You know, you may hear people say 'God gives us some of our wants, not all.' We as fleshy individuals, have our own agendas and want to do it our way. It is a battle of the wills, Ours vs. God's. There are always conflicts on how to live. Because of this people end up in situations that are not healthy, not happy all because they desired something that was not their time to have. God gives us the strength though to wait on him. Salvation is sacrificial and Christians do not lead their own lives, God does. I think that if someone truly decides to live for God though, they will not regret doing what he says in the end.

  3. I honestly have no idea how it is even conceivably possible for some people to even think of getting married, especially Kim Kardashian! I knew that they wouldn't last long at all because as I watched the show with with my mother over the summer, it became evident to me that Chris and Kim didn't agree on a lot about the fundamentals of life especially in the area of spending. It blows my mind that such selfish people could ever make the decision to get married.

  4. I agree with everything you mentioned, Stephanie. Divorce would not be an issue if God was first in our marriages. In Ephesians 5, Paul gives us an outline of marriage and uses Christ's love for the church as the example of how Husband's should love their lives. In the same way that a woman should submit to her husband, a husband must lay down his life for his wife. All too often we see that marriages are about ourselves. We seek our fulfillment and our desires and not the desires of our mate. If we were to change our outlook and seek their holiness, happiness, and sanctification we would not have the same issues in marriage. It is hard to fight with someone who is bent on building you up and helping you succeed. It is even harder to fight with someone who sacrifices for you instead of seeking their own desires. Christ should be our example in marriage and no one else, especially not Hollywood stars.


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