Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Limitless – for those in need of a “Highjack”
A couple of weeks ago we talked about the development of emotions and the role of the cortex and the limbic system within this. As I was processing through my notes later on, I remembered of a movie I saw this summer with my parents. Coincidentally my roommate happened to have rented it and brought it back to my recollection and I made a connection between one of the terms from our lecture and the movie.
The movie is entitled “Limitless” Bradley Copper is the lead of the movie. In the movie, Copper interprets the role of Eddie Morra, a writer whose life seems to be on a downward spiral until he encounters the solution to all his problems:

His solution is called NZT-48, a powerful drug that accelerates the capabilities of your brain, to the point where there are no limits. The effects of this limitless drug vary, just as with any drug. Morra is trying to overcome the boundaries of the brain, pushing his abilities and trying to find out if there truly are limits to our brain, or if we can become “limitless” beings. In class we mentioned the notion of amygdale highjack, where the brain goes on a fight or flight reaction, increasing emotions and perceptions. In other words it is an emotional spike, which on a certain level produces the capability of increased awareness. We also mentioned in class how when one engages emotions you learn faster, which is part of what the NZT drug does.
Man has always, and will always be intrigued with the exploration of the brains limits, as well as our emotions and responses. Maybe this is still a reminiscent effect of our sinful desire to become more like God, or to be a god. But, how far will we get into this exploration, only time will tell; till then we can ponder on the effects of drugs that promise to produce this type of release, a “limitless” highjack:


  1. Okay, you've got me wondering. I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds intriging. Would I actually try it or not? Tempting, I must admit. Who wouldn't want to see what they are really capable of? But I must admit, something smells a little fishy about it- just enough that I think I would stay away. I have a suspicion that this appeals to our darker nature to "be like God" as Satan desired. As obviously fictional as this offer is, it brings me deep inner joy to know that God has freed me from much of my darker desires and given me His peace inside- how grateful I am for that, and so much more!

  2. I also saw limitless and thought it was a pretty good movie! With that said I see your point that man is always trying to simplify God so that we can understand his omniscient powers. Just like in this movie, the idea is to have no bounds to what we can or cannot do. I think that is what science is and has been working towards since the beginning of it, and what I think is interesting about this is that we believe we've come so far but in all actuality we've came as far as God allows us to. I think were fools to believe that we can ever simply things enough to figure it all out.

  3. Wanting to be God in our own lives is a huge temptation for everyone. We all seek our own way, desire our own will, and put ourselves before others. I once heard it said that trying to be God makes us just like Satan, and giving up on being our own god brings us closer to God. If you want something done right do it yourself. This is a lie we tell ourselves. If we want something done right, also known as God's way, we have to give up and let God work through us. We are most free when we decide that we cannot do it on our own. Giving up allows us to live in the freedom of His grace and to appreciate just how powerful God is.


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