Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is the Bible alone "good enough"


Is the bible enough for counseling? Is there a need for an integration of psychology and Christianity? Many scholars and Christians in general have given these questions a thought. I personally had not given it a thought until I was asked by my professor. I have thought about it hard and wondered if the bible is enough and I have yet to come to a conclusion. I have yet to finalize my thoughts but others have. In this article you will find that the authors have done their research on whether or not the bible is enough and more.

The counseling profession is a helping profession. Counselors listen to other peoples problems and try to come up with a solution, help encourage their client to come up with a solution or help the client view their problem in a different light. In a nut shell people pay money for professional support and guidance. Well a Christian who thinks about whether or not psychology and Christianity should or could be integrated may wonder, "well isn't Gods guidance all that we need?" Another christian who agrees with integration may think something like "God's guidance is all we need but God also created the great minds to try to help minds." God creates other people to help others and invent things that can make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place. Why wouldn't God create minds who understand minds so that others can be of assistance when help is needed? That is a question that I often wonder. Reading Adams book also got me thinking. Adams gets a bit harsh and I do not agree with everything he has to say but he made some good points that a made me think of how I look at the field of psychology and being a Christian. Inspiring counselors should evaluate their view on whether or not the bible is good enough to use on its on without the integration of psychology. Would scripture be good enough for a non-believer. There is something called the Holy Spirit and it is powerful but if someone does not except it with its heart can or would the Holy Spirit work on his or her heart in sessions? I believe that this is possible little by little but it may be a bit rocky at first or the client may terminate counseling prematurely because they don't agree on the basis of religion which is what the counselors entire practice would be based on. It would be difficult to reach somebody with that approach who rejects Christ and his word, but I do not feel it is impossible.

Churches, evangelicals, and Christians are falling further and further into the integration stage. The articles have headings like The Psychologizing of Evangelicalism and The Evangelical Love Affair with Psychology. The world is transforming into this place where scripture is taking a back seat or partnering with others and not getting the full glory. Christians who are counselors call themselves Christians who are counselors and not Christian counselors now. They believe the word and its power but someone who is broken and hurting comes along for help the word is not that powerful tool anymore but something that needs assistance because it cannot stand on its own. It sounds really harsh to say but that may be how it is being viewed. My thoughts on integration and whether or not the bible alone is good enough still requires some thinking and reading on my part.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time for putting your thoughts into words. You are I are in the same boat regarding what you said, especially with your last sentence. I have not been able to come up with any personal conclusions when it comes to integration and I think that may be ok for the moment. I think you would agree that we have much to learn in this area and I greatly appreciate having a chance to understand WHAT both sides believe and more importantly, WHY they believe those things are true. Being able to hear what other class members are thinking has been good for me as well. Each week, I am reminded that there are 20+ individuals there in the classroom sharing one big boat trying understand what we believe and why we belive it. Thanks for helping me row!!


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