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To Guard Your Heart

Summary of Article
            The article, “Guard Your Heart” by Pastor Aaron Gray addresses the issue of guarding one’s heart and what that practically looks like.  He begins by defining this action by the act of one “paying careful attention to thoughts, emotions, desires, and choices (emphasis added).”  He supplements this definition by exploring what the bible says concerning the heart.  In Matthew 12:34 and in John 1:12-13, the respectable authors state that one’s words and choices flow out of this part of each of us.  In Ezekiel 36:26, Jesus tells us that He saves our hearts. 
Gray then states two possible traps one may find him or herself in when it comes to this sensitive area of guarding one’s heart.  There are two extremes; self-protection or carelessness that one.  He concludes with a reassuring statement of truth stating that Jesus does not leave us all alone to do the hard work.  He guards our hearts as it states in Philippians 4:7

How this relates to me
I think that you guard your heart by guarding your mind.  Thoughts that you dwell on may be expressed through actions, which become habits, which lead to developing a character that describes a lifestyle.  The old saying is true in that “you are what you eat,” meaning that you become what you take in during your life.   Although one cannot control what thoughts enter one’s mind, he or she can control how long he or she dwells or expels it.  The bible describes our heart in a variety of ways.  It says that the Lord knocks at our heart’s door and that the devil crouches as a lion.  (Revelation 3:20).  Therefore there is always someone trying to occupy your heart, meaning there is no neutrality.  (1 Corinthians 10:21) 1 John 2:3-6 tells us how to guard the door to our heart by walking in the light and obeying our Creator and Lord. 
            Through contemplation, I thought to myself why would someone not guard his or her heart.  Three reasons come to mind, the person may think he or she is not worth it, not worthy, or oblivious of the ramifications of not guarding one's heart.  First, one may think that taking the necessary precautions are simply not worth the effort in the end.  They have a relative concept of immediate happiness rather than sustained joy.  Second, they may not believe the truth that he or she is worthy; that his or her heart is worth being protected, guarded, and saved.  Someone may be so wounded that they loose their self-worth.  Finally, someone may just not know how or why to guard their heart and are therefore not taking proactive steps to carefully protect such a precious part of him or herself. 
            The way to put this into action is to search out our Lord’s heart and by getting into His truth; we will be able to guard our hearts with Jesus Christ. 

How this relates to counseling
            When one enters into a counseling session, he or she is beginning a relationship with another person who has hurts and feelings all the same.  The client may be very vulnerable with the counselor that may present itself with a possibly compromising situation.  A client must be aware of his or her surroundings and be conscientious of how his or her actions may be taken by the client.  A counselor must guard his or her heart in order to maintain a balance between professionalism and sincere genuine concern.  

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  1. You bring up a great point! When I was thinking about guarding your heart I was thinking about it soley from the perspective of me as a counselor advising someone else to do it. Your conclusion brought to my mind the potential dual relationships we will have to face as counselors and how we need to be extra cautious as counseling is a vulnerable activity where strong feelings can develop. It is so important that we as counselors have strong accountability in our lives so to guard against this. Many counselors who fall into a dual relationship which ends up causing hurt more than likely did not decide one day to do it, but the idea crept up on them and slowly penetrated their defenses. Great post!


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