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“And that’s when I got to see heaven. Jesus and some angels came and flew me up to heaven…I knew that the first person I saw was Jesus. He was wearing white robes with a purple sash. And he just came down nicely and gracefully” These are the words that 11 year old Colton Burpo spoke after believing to have an encounter with heaven. Colton believes that at the age of four he died in the hospital, left his body, and was taken into the heavenly realm, where he met Jesus. After returning to his body, he began to recall different experiences that he had in heaven, many of which he would previously never have understood as a four year old child. In addition to meeting Jesus and knowing details about heaven he also claims to have had encounters with his grandfather and miscarried sister, both of whom he knew nothing of.
A few years ago I was given the experience to read the book that discussed Colton’s experiences, Heaven Is For Real. Before reading this book I had given little thought to how heaven would actually appear. I knew what the Bible told me about my future home, but the concept of how heaven would be never seemed “real” to me. After reading his book and researching videos such as this one, I gained a since of familiarity of what I would one day experience. In class, we brought up the idea behind these types of accounts. There seems to be a substantial amount of testimonies, just like Colton Burpos, where near death experiences  have resulted in the recalling of unknown knowledge. In addition, we have also discussed both the material and immaterial aspects of a person. The immaterial being that which is biological and the immaterial being life after death. The Christian Counselor is concerned with both of these aspects when treating, however modern science is only concerned with the material. If we have numerous accounts just like Colton’s, isn't this good immaterial evidence that there is something after death?   I would say so.  


           As we discussed in class, a Christian worldview holds the person with both material and immaterial components. Because the Christian worldview takes this stance, we as Christian counselors should too. The problem is what about the rest of the world?? What about the remainder of counselors who completely discount the immaterial aspect of life, and choose to believe it doesn't exist? What evidence do we have that proves differently?
          While I am just a young graduate student with so much to learn, I have been taught that it is essential to understand why you believe what you believe. While I know that a video of an 11 year old little boy who claims to have gone heaven cannot prove the immaterial aspect of man in itself, I do believe that it can help. As counselors, I believe that it is essential to have a working knowledge of videos such as this, in order to develop an understanding of this “immaterial” aspect that we as Christians believe in. 


           Growing up, I lived in a bubble. A bubble where every thing was black or white, good or bad. I knew the minimum amount of information about the Lord to get by and was in a very comfortable place. Through the last years of college, and as I am now pursing my master's in professional counseling, I know how dangerous this is. By having a desire to gain knowledge about different areas, such as the immaterial and material world, I believe I will not only be a better counselor, but a better Christian. I conclude, that while this one video does not prove that there is something after death, it makes me interested to go find more information about other instances like Coltons. I can only hope that if it makes me as a believer interested in knowing more, it will also make the unbeliever.


  1. I really enjoyed the video and I find myself now wanting to read the book. A couple things..
    I loved how you said that this one book does not prove heaven in itself. I would be very destructive I think to believe something just based on one small piece of testimony. However, at the end of the day we accept the fact of heaven and hell on faith believing the promise that our God is preparing a place for us. Also, you mentioned that the Christian worldview sees a person as immaterial and material and that means we should believe that too. I know what point you were trying to get across but we need to be careful about just accepting some piece of information as truth even if it comes from a source apart from the Bible that has a Christian worldview.

  2. I enjoyed your blog Kayla! I too grew up in a bubble and need to learn more about why I believe the things I believe. I do believe as Christians we need to know more on this subject and not just discredit it. I really enjoyed this video and I am too now wanting to purchase this book. Christians in general need to know what they believe in this area and especially Christian Counselors because one day we may have a boy like this come to us for answers.

  3. I have been wanting to read that book but I have never purchased it because I feel like I never have time to read anything besides textbooks. I did enjoy the video and I think that may be good for now. Until this class I never gave much thought to the immaterial and material person. I knew different people had spiritual sides, including myself but I never took into account treating someones whole person, material and immaterial. I makes me think of the wholistic approach. I think wholistic approach should add spirituality in their approach if they have not done so already. Great post!


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