Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is There Recognition In Heaven?

I read an article about if there will be personal recognition in heaven. In our 507 class we had talked about if there would be personal identity after death and this article agrees with that. Since we are all created in the image of God and God is not a physical being; then in spirit we pass on from one mode of existence to another. So the spirit is just as capable for recognition as before with we were in our bodies. Also our spirits will be enhanced after death because we won't have our physical bodies holding us back.

How does this all related to counseling?

This article relates to counseling because in order to know who we are and to prepare ourselves for heaven, we need to know about our own personal identity. What that means is that we need to prepare ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally to help those who may need our guidance and to make us stronger counselors. We as christian counselors need to prepare our spiritual wellness by having a good relationship with God; by being engaged in religious and spiritual activities such as mediation, prayer, and worship which will as help our physical and emotional health as well. We also need to be aware of our feelings and how we express them to those we counsel because they maybe grieving or going through a hard time. All of this will help us to prepare our body, mind, and soul.

How does this relate to me as you may be asking right now?

I believe that our spirits leave our bodies after death and that once our spirits leave our bodies we have enhanced abilities. What those enhanced abilities are I am not sure of yet and probably won't know until I go to heaven. But I know when I do go to heaven I will be there with those whom I loved that have passed away and I know that I will be able to recognize them there.All I can do now is prepare myself for that day by prayer, mediation, worship, keeping up my emotional health, staying healthy, and by treating others like Jesus would do. With my counseling side I will prepare by helping all of whom I can to accomplish their goals, to move on, to heal, to forgive, or to repent whatever it is that is bothering them.


  1. HI Mercedes,
    This is Erin, I just got done reading your blog and I believe we as believers will have a recognition of Heaven. When we pass on to the next life, I believe we will see and know who God is because He is a Spirit and we will be in our spirit form in Heaven. If that makes any since at all. I really loved how this subject can be related to in counseling. We as counselor truly would need to stay focused on God to be a good counselor for our clients because they are depending on us to always be available for them spirituality, emotionally and mentally. Great blog, God bless!!

  2. Mercedes,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and the article you included was an interesting read as well. I have different opinions on recognition however in that I actually don't tend believe we will recognize other people we knew from earth in Heaven. My arguments are obviously based on human perception (which as we know doesn't hold a candle to God's) but here is my train of thought: When you recognize someone, your brain registers memories attached to that person in order to aid in the recognition process. That being said, some people we recognize may have been a part of a painful moment in our lives and therefore we may experience sadness or anger when we recognize them, both emotions we are told will not be experienced in Heaven. Also, in relation to a marriage relationship, since there will be no marriage in heaven, will a husband recognize his wife as that role she played? Obviously all of these are unanswerable questions and no one will know the answer to them while we are here on earth, those are just my thoughts! Thanks for the post!


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