Friday, February 15, 2013

Personhood and Abortion! Is There a Connection?!

         Yes, there is a connection between personhood and abortion whether you want to believe it or not. Women do not have the right to choose whether their child can live or be murdered.  Who defines Life or personhood?  Government, society, religion? No, God has defined personhood. LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. There has been an ongoing debate between conservatives and liberals whether the fetus in the woman’s womb is a human being or a piece of tissue.  The article I chose is called “Promoting Fetal Personhood: The Rhetorical and Legislative Strategies of the Pro-Life Movement After Planned Parenthood V. Casey.”  The article explains the pro-life movement and how they are advancing in affirming, “Life begins at conception.” It explains how they are fighting for the rights of these children who cannot stand up for themselves. They have fought to define the unborn child as a person under the fourteenth amendment.  If we as Christians do not stand up for these children who will?  
            There is a great need for Christian counselors to help women who have had abortions or are contemplating an abortion. Many women who have committed abortions have tremendous psychological and physical problems. I have had first-hand experience with someone who is suffering psychological damage due to three abortions. The tremendous amount of guilt, which weighs down on her shoulders is monumental. It leads to bitterness, guilt, and hatred towards God and others. I am not saying this out of the blue. The psychological effects are there and will linger throughout the woman’s life if she does not seek proper counseling.   As Christian counselors we must show them that our God is forgiving, and accepts them for whom they are; however it does not excuse their sins.
Roe Vs. Wade forever changed the course of America. Children are no longer being protected or seen as Human beings. However if they are recognized as human beings, then should they be recognized under the law? Yes, they should be recognized as human beings and have all the same rights as we do. If we do not defend those who cannot speak for themselves then who will? I am a strong believer that life begins at conception, and that is an absolute truth! I have first hand experiences on the psychological effects abortion has on a persons’ psyche or soul. Abortion is a serious matter, and one that we are losing.  We are the salt of the earth, and unfortunately we have lost our saltiness. Life begins at conception, and Planned Parenthood has given women an easy way out. They can have sex without any consequences, and if they have an unplanned pregnancy its ok just go to Planned Parenthood and they will remove the tissue that is growing inside of you. We have to take a stand for the rights of these little children. We no longer have the luxury of staying quiet, and letting others decide the fate of the unborn children. We must be their voice so they can be heard!

Glen, A. H., & Sara, L. Z. (2010). Promoting fetal personhood: The rhetorical and legislative
strategies of the pro-life movement after planned parenthood v. casey. Feminist Formations, 22(2), 101-123. Retrieved from


  1. This really made me think about doing something to prevent abortion; letting my voice be heard! As a Christian, I usually passively watch others make important decisions, sometimes unethical ones that affect my life, and don't state my opinion thinking that I am too small to make a difference. But if every Christian or everyone who believed that life begins at conception spoke up and fought for these children, abortion would not be as popular today. We as Christians need to speak up and do something!

  2. Keren, thank you for your post and your honesty. I admire your boldness to present what you believe as well as the importance of it. I was inspired by your writing. I am oftentimes afraid to say exactly how I feel about the issue and thus I feel I am not standing for truth.
    I have the opportunity to volunteer at a Salem Pregnancy Care Center when I am at home. This facility seeks to provide help to girls facing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of a difficult situation. The center provides counseling, Bible studies, as well as free ultrasounds. This facility responds to the women with grace and offers them other choices rather than abortion. I am so thankful for organizations such as these so that hurting may find hope through God's people.

  3. I don't agree with the comment that Planned Parenthood gives women an easy way out. Especially when the beginning of the article emphases the physiological and physical affects that occur on a woman after an abortion. I've never had an abortion, but I'm sure that for many women, not all, it is a very difficult decision to make and one that they have to deal with for a lifetime, so in no way do I think that this is an easy way out or if someone choses an abortion that it is not a consequence for having sex.

  4. I really enjoyed your post and I do agree with you that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is murder. I also agree with Quonsetta on her argument that abortion isn't always the "easy" way out. I know you meant that it's seen as an easy fix to what seems like an unsolvable problem but I happen two friends who had abortions when they were in high school and the damage it did to their (immaterial...see what I did there?) hearts is vast. I remember sitting next to one of these girls in GNED in undergrad when we were discussing abortion and she had to leave the room. We as Christians are always so focused on standing up against it (as we rightfully should don't get me wrong) but we tend to forget the emotional damage having an abortion can to to the girl who had it. She made a rough decision and doesn't need to be chastised for it.

    Sorry if that was a rabbit trail, your post just got me thinking! Thank you!


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