Monday, December 6, 2010

Betrayal Leading to Anxiety

Asia Bibi a 45 year old Pakistani Christian woman was arrested and placed in prison and has been there awaiting her execution for a crime she did not commit. CNN reports that Mrs. Bibi was accused of blaspheming the name of Mohammad in front of her co-workers, but it was later reported that a misunderstanding led the women to accuse Bibi falsely. Bibi states that the women do not like her and wanted to take revenge upon her.

Shahbaz Bhatti was assigned to assess the case and report his findings back to the president. Upon the conclusion of the initial assessment Bibi was found to be innocent and falsely accused. Bibi’s family has been fighting for her release for 15 months in hopes of a release before an execution.

Asia Bibi could benefit from reading a chapter or two from William Backus’ book Telling Yourself the Truth. After being in a situation of being falsely accused, spending 15 months in prison, and pleading for her life Asia Bibi has gone through anxiety, fear, and possible depression. Although I do not know and cannot empathize with what Asia has gone through I know that restoration and healing is possible with Christ (Matt 4, 8,9,12, etc; Ex 15:26). Asia has been through a traumatizing experience that has the potential to go down one of two paths: restoration or destruction. We should pray that she chooses a path of restoration mapped out for her by Christ himself.


  1. One of the worst feelings is being punished and accused of something that one did not do. It takes a lot of courage and perseverence to keep going and remain humble. You are right that Christ himself can give resotration and the hope to continue amidst one's circumstance. Christians have the promise of eternity with the Lord in Heaven and that promise alone can get one through any of life's troubles.

  2. I agree with Nicky, one of the worst feelings is being accused and punished falsely. At the same time, I do not think it is right to say she could benefit from a chapter or two. It is possible that she has gone through anxiety, fear and depression, but one thing history has shown us about believers who has persecuted wrongly in countries that do not permit Christianity is that they count it as joy. Cases like this we should learn from as christians, because being a Christian is not about being comfortable, it is about doing the right thing even when everyone is against you. I respect Bibi as she is going through this and I pray that she will continue to rely on God for strength and hope.


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