Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Obamacare Funds Abortion

I attended convocation this past Monday, and Gianna Jessen (an abortion survivor) was speaking about the new "Obamacare" that will be active in January. The only thing that I heard about this new health care was that I would be covered on my parents' insurance until I was 26. What I did not know was that this health insurance will also be covering abortions.

In an article called "Does Obamacare Fund Abortion? Let Us Count the Ways", Steven Mosher says that although Obama stated that the health care will not be funding abortions, this in fact was not a true statement. There are three Obamacare provisions that will most likely lead to abortion funding. These include: (1) Money for community health centers, (2) money for federal insurance plans, and (3) money for "temporary high-risk pools." Planned Parenthood, according to the article, falls under a "community health center" and will therefore be funding abortions. State-sponsored insurance plans and temporary high risk pools will each receive money that has no restrictions-- which means that the states can use the money to fund abortion.

As Christians, we need to step up and fight against "Obamacare." We need to educate others about the horrific things that will take place when this health care becomes active. Christians will be forced to pay for the execution of millions of innocent babies.

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  1. This is so disheartening. I hate that we can feel so powerless with our government, and powerless over where our money is going. Also (even tho this has nothing to do with abortion) the 26 year cut off is ridiculous. This is encouraging young adults to continue to live off of their parents, and allows the parents to believe they don't have to cut off the strings yet. We have too many kidults today.


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