Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You're the Inspiration!

With personal troubles disappearing, classes slowing down to and with assignments catching up, I decided to check my deviant art account to check up some updates and reviews of my artwork. I am not promoting deviant art, but to give you a brief info about it, it is a Facebook” for artists” that has been around the same time when Facebook got started. Unlike Facebook, you can post your artwork and you can have followers or “fans” that can be get updated with your work like twitter. Many of people have friends, some with more close friends than others. It is easily accomplished in befriend people than ever before due to social networking and mass communication. But many of us don’t have the experience of what is like having fans. Imagine people that follow you and know you for something you accomplished but you have no idea how person that feels about you, keeps on checking for any updates of your work, and shares your work with their friends. Even writers of this blog site have fans. I have to admit, having a getting an update that somebody is a fan of you can be very addicting like a coffee in the morning or checking for text messages on your phone. This time I ran into something I never received before. I received a message from a fan that wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and God bless me. To be honest, that surprised me in many ways. I am use to getting message like that from family and friends, but from a complete stranger baffled me. I don’t think that fan knows that I already believe in the existence of the Almighty and His Son since I barely leave any messages at all in my deviant art page, other than a “thank you” to a fan. This kind of reminds me what I read about fans from the book, Hurt People Hurt People by Sandra Wilson (I recommend you to read the book). She warn her readers about the consequences when you try to only focus on making your fans happy instead of focusing on accomplishing God’s Will and your loved ones. Fans are not your friends. You can maintain a steady relationship with family, friends, and acquaintances. With fans, you can only inspire or entertain them. It is quite amazing you can entertain people that you will never meet in person. I do want to point out however, that sometimes there are fans that can get you inspired and encouraged as well. And that fan of mine from deviant art just did that for me. I just wished I replied back to that person a “Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you too” message on time. Probably thinks I am jerk.

Note: I am not a Green Packers fan, but I know the Green Packers fans are one of the craziest fans of all times... Go Saints!!

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  1. Just pray for the guy! it is always affectionate to know that someone cares. God Bless America!


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