Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Married men are nicer and well behaved

It is not clear why men behave better when married, the article from Fox News website stated. But part of this understanding has to do with the fact that men who are married tend to be trained to improve their behavior, or simply because nicer men are more likely to get married anyways.
The study also showed that 60% of men who married between the ages of 17-20 showed less of a chance of showing antisocial behavior, whereas men at the age of 29 who were unmarried were found to have an average of 1.3% chance of antisocial behavior compared to the 0.8 percent of married men.
Perhaps the change this men underwent is due to spending more time with their family and spouses, meaning they have to develop some type of social skills to deal with different personalities in their family.
In an era of easy divorces and the lack of commitment, I'm always glad to read articles that state the benefits of marriage.

Several studies have stated that people who are married tend to live longer and happier. Not only happier, but more sociable.
It seems that science has met one of God's plans for man and woman: marriage. Several of verses in the Bible state the fact that is part of God's plan, since the beginning (see Genesis 2:24-25), for men and women to be unitied in holy matrimony.
I can only hope more studies in marriage will bring to light more beneficial facts about marriage.


  1. Heyde, you are right. Marriage with the right foundation is gorgeous and magnificient. Having the right spouse cannot be exchanged for world riches. It is always worthwhile and fulfilling to know that someone loves you unconditionally, and that he/she trusted you with his/her life. May God help us to keep our vows to the end.

  2. Perhaps if all men had giant toothbrush power washers in our sinks we would be more helpful in the kitchen (sorry, I couldn't resist commenting on the excellent choice of graphics)! I think we underestimate how much a godly spouse helps us in the sanctification process. The Holy Spirit can most certainly use our spouse to challenge us to put God at the center of our lives. When we learn to love in a Christ-like way (Eph. 5:25), we will seek to put our spouse's interests above our own. This God-given love will naturally trickle down into our other relationships outside of marriage (in the same way that our anger or frustrations will often be taken out on people outside of our marriage). When God is at the center of a marriage, He can truly do some wonderful things.

  3. Haha! Sean I like your observation. This is a good article and post Heyde! An article promoting marriage is a good thing. At the same time, I hope people just don't rush into marriage without understanding the commitments and responsibility. These are one of the things that is leading to high divorce rates in almost every society.


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