Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Fate that Narcissists will Hate: Being Ignored

I found this article interesting and will continue to research into the topic and others like it. The article from the New York time reveals controversy about the DSM-5, due to come out in 2013. There are 5 personality disorders that are currently part of the DSM-4, that won't make it into the next issue. Many psychologists are outraged by this and claim that the change will have a negative impact on how psychologists are able to provide care for clients. The most known of the disorders to be taken off the next issue is Narcissism.
Harvard Psychiatrist, Dr. John Gunderson, a well known Dr. in the field of personality disorders and the person who led the committee for the current DSM is one of the sharpest critics. He blamed the so-called dimensional approach and says that the decision only proves how "unenlightened" the personality disorders committee is. I believe this topic should have continued research into how it will affect the care of clients. I wonder if the outrage from the psychologist community is warranted. It seems to me, that it would be foolish to disregard the counsel of some of the best minds in the field. It also makes me very curious to see what other changes are going to be in the DSM-5.


  1. We were talking about this in our 510 class, of how post modernism, and the idea of everything being relative would influence the changes in the new DSM-5. If indeed relativism is now what is motivating and influencing current thought in psychology, I do not blame the "outrage" coming from some psychologists. I too am interested in the other changes, and it would be interesting to look further into why certain changes have been made.

  2. This looks interesting. Please keep us posted on any more relevant news on this issue. I find it completely odd that they will take some things off that were deemed important before. I wonder what calls for this change?

  3. I also keep hearing that there is going to be some additions to the DSM-V. One of these is a possible behavioural addition which involves a gambling addiction, which seems to be a good addition.


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