Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Much is Enough?

This article demonstrates the value that America places on money. It used to be that a million dollars was a substantial sum, but this is rapidly becoming obsolete. In fact, one million dollars is an expected minimum amount that would make an adequate cushion for retirement. Exactly how much money does it take to impress society today? The article suggests a billion dollars. A billion dollars has become the standard set as a suitable success at the box office. It is also mentioned in latest hit songs on the radio such as "Billionaire." I think it is safe to say that this number will only increase as time goes on. Individuals will invariably be expected to earn more and spend more-according to the world's standards. As Christians, we are taught that we cannot serve both God and money. We are called to handle money responsibly and to acknowledge the significance of tithing. In addition, we are encouraged to give away to others. God is extremely generous with us and we must return the favor. My pastor has recently given a series of sermons about living a simpler life and finding contentment with what one has. In a nation full of substantial spending and debt, Christians should lead the way in respecting money without worshiping it. This is something that we should consistently be cognizant of. Truth be told, if we follow what the world says regarding money...we will never have enough.


  1. The Bible put it best "the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil." While there is nothing wrong with money itself, it seems as if the love of it is growing by the second. While there is nothing wrong setting aside more than a million for retirement, I believe the society has placed so much emphasis on money that a million dollars does not sound as much anymore. A lot of it goes back t contentment. We need to learn how to content and determine for ourselves what is a need or a want.

  2. I think that it is interesting that the world keeps looking to material things to offer a fulfilling life. But like the donkey that follows a carrot on a string, humans cannot reach this fulfilled life on their own power. The goal is always out of reach, which is why I think the amount of amount of money keeps raising higher and higher. God warns us from storing treasures on earth, instead our "retirement" plan should be in heaven.

  3. Reading this also made me think of the misbelief and lies in self-talk we tell ourselves. Many times we tell ourselves that we need money to be happy and we need material goods to be happy, when in fact this only gives us temporary satisfaction. These misbeliefs are being influenced by many sources including our parents, the people around us, and the media. Reading the last two books we read for this course has made me examined my thoughts a lot more, and change them so that they are not consistent with misbeliefs that the ones presented in this article.

  4. This article reminded me of Proverbs 27:20 “Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are the eyes of man.” How much is enough money? For those who place all of their hope in this fallen world, there will be never enough.

    Our society places a premium on success, but it falls short in defining what exactly success is. Apart from God, people are left to pursue this aimless goal of accumulating cash and stuff. To what end? How meaningless and empty.


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