Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Change Through Trial

I do not consider myself a big sports fan, but I am a person that loves a good story. I have not kept up with the Michael Vick story through the last couple of years, so when I read this article, I was pleasantly surprised to see how his life has changed since his arrest a few years back.

Michael Vick grew up in tough environments, and through his talent in playing football, he believed that he found salvation from a poor upbringing, into a life of having everything you needed, and everything you wanted. Perhaps it was in this drastic change, that he also believed he was invincible.

After serving time in prison, and in developing a relationship with Christ, Vick has turned his life as a football player and one of prideful demeanor, into a story that speaks of humility and the power of allowing God to fulfill the places of need, neglected in his childhood. I believe Vick's story is one of many many stories out there, of how God redeems a sin, to bring us closer to Him. I'm glad to hear that this is the path Vick has chosen to take.

Everyone of us have to decide what paths we will take that lead out of the trials in life. Every trial either has paths that lead to further darkness, or paths that lead to truth and life. As counselors, we have an opportunity to help guide clients to the paths of truth and life. These kinds of stories remind me that lives are redeemed everyday, and that God has given us wonderful opportunities to take part in that.


  1. This is such a cool story, I did not know that Vick became a Christian. When I saw that he was playing football again, I wondered why they would let him come back, but now I understand. Thank you for the interesting story!

  2. This was such a great post! I actually am a pretty big sports fan, but somehow I had not heard about Vick accepting Christ as his Savior. It's so exciting to see the way God works in our lives! Even though it was sin and crime and that sent Vick to prison, without this experience he may have never found salvation! His story is very encouraging, thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow, this was a good article Anna! I was a huge fan of Michael Vick when he first came into the NFL. When I heard what he had done, I was disappointed because I, like many others, saw that he had the talent to do great things. This, however, is the first time I hear that he received the Lord. And to be honest, I was very skeptical about it myself. I've had many people tell me, "Everyone 'finds' Jesus when they're in prison, but when they get out, it's like they never knew Him." So, how can we tell? The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:16 (NLT), "You can identify them by their fruits, that is, by the way they act." It seems, according to the article, that Mr. Vick is being a good testimony by now doing things for God's kingdom. It is a joy to see people make a genuine commitment to Christ, and then sacrifice their lives for Him. Our sacrifice seems like nothing when we compare it to what Jesus did for us. But at the end of the day, all God wants is our hearts.

  4. I have always not liked Vick just because of what he did, and I didn't think he should be back in the NFL, but after reading that he changed his life, and seeing how he has been a great team mate, and player this year I am kind of glad to see he is back. Lets just hope he doesn't ruin this great testimony.

  5. He is a real product of "GRACE". Grace will always repair a damaged life and make it a showpiece to the whole world. Grace never gives up on a life but seeks opportunity to redeem and transforms a life. Thank God for showing to our nation that grace does not keep account of wrong but explores and affirms the good in a life. This why grace is not founded on performance or merit but in the Sovereignity of God.


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