Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This picture is a beautiful example of a healthy looking attachment between mother and child. They both look extremely happy and comfortable with each other. Unfortunately, not all families look this way. This story:
talks about a couple who were not so kind to their children. A five year old girl was found in a crib, as if it were a cage. The child was malnourished and not cared for. Sadly, this little girl was not in a home where the mother and father displayed love or a close attachment. Thankfully the child was found in time to be taken out of the home and is being tended to. Another child was discovered dead in the back yard of the parent's home.
I can only imagine what this child will go through in the future in regards to attaching to others. I would guess that this child will have difficulty trusting others because of what she has been through. In class we discussed the fearful attachment style. One who has a fearful attachment style has a negative view of self and of others. This little girl probably shows signs of having this form of attachment and I hope that she will be able to find proper help and is placed in a loving home, one that she deserves. Stories like this breaks my heart because this little child is innocent and deserves so much more than how her parents treated her.


  1. it was very sad story. Attachment with others is important thing to have effective relationships, but this little girl doesnt even have chance to feel attachment with her parents. I think these kind of experience affects life for this little girl even thought she is very young. we need to help them to have trust through having attachment.

  2. I am truly blessed, able to live in a loving parent and home. Just like how you said, parents who show negative attachment styles because they view negatively on self and others. This will reflect exact the same to the child who experienced negative attachment. It is sad to know that the problem comes from the parents but the children are the ones who get to suffer. Since due to this kind of problem, many children are abandoned and have to live without parents or live in a single parent environment. I think it is our job as a counselor to make things right, helping parents to have positive behavior and thinking.


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