Friday, May 6, 2011

Stressed from Birth

I read this article about how the cortisol levels in children of bipolar parents were higher in times of stress then those of children whose parents don’t suffer with being bipolar. In the article they say that they believe that before this problem is developed in the child they could teach both the child and the parent ways to deal with stress, and then the child may never develop a problem with cortisol.

This article goes perfectly with all the things that we have been learning and reading in our class. One of the last books we needed to read for class was The Anxiety Cure. The Anxiety Cure gives lots of practical advice to what to do in times of stress. I would use this book to teach the bipolar parents how to deal with stress while they are still carrying the child, before it is even born. Then after the child was born I would continue to use The Anxiety Cure to teach these parents how to deal with all the daily stress of being a parent, and how to teach their children how to deal with their stress. This as the article said would decrease the cortisol levels in the children.

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