Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lady Gaga = Loser?!?

Insecurity. It feels like a dreaded swear word sometimes, doesn't it?!

How many people are willing to admit when they actually feel it? Many of us become experts at NEVER admitting this reality, and finding thousands of ways to ensure that no one ever finds us out if we do.

Why? What makes us freak out at the thought of our weaknesses and insecurities being exposed? Maybe it's just that...that we view insecurity as a weakness, but is it really?

This MUST SEE VIDEO shows Lady Gaga (who has been dubbed the "Queen of Shock," and is an international superstar and controversial singer), after one of her biggest shows at Madison Square Garden. She contradicts herself as she begins saying she doesn't give a $*#! (I applogize for a few of her expletives) about what people think, and yet the rest of her video clearly indicates otherwise. She then wonders aloud and through tears, how she should feel so happy after doing a show like this, but instead of feeling confident and powerful, she feels it's crazy how she still sometimes feels like a "loser kid in high school."

If you listen carefully Lady Gaga goes through the steps of Misbelief Therapy outlined in the book Telling Yourself the Truth without knowing it. She first identifies the misbelief of feeling like a loser in spite of her circumstances, then she argues against that misbelief saying that she is a superstar who can't be destroyed. Then takes this one step further and replaces her misbelief with the truth that it is worth it so that she can fight for every kid that is like her and feels the way she feels. She concludes by praying and thanking God for her many blessings, fans, and asks for strength and courage to help empower others and not to give in to her insecurities.

I'm still not sure what I make of all that Lady Gaga shares and prays in this video, but I do know that it takes courage and vulnerability to admit when we are feeling insecure, and not as confident as we would like to come across. It's scary to risk being made fun of, or having your feelings invalidated if you share them, but it is so worth it when you get the support God designed us to give and to get.

Let's all work at being people who are supportive of the "Lady Gaga's" of the world as we identify, remove, and replace the many lies we believe with the truth.


  1. Wow...this video was really interesting and I really appreciate you posting it. Lady Gaga is a very interesting character, as she has shown to be incredibly unpredictable. I remember I once saw her in an interview where she discussed why she dressed so uniquely, in which she argued that she was trying to give individuals the freedom to be unique. Like you, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this video, as I wonder what is truly sincere in terms of her actions.

  2. Although I had heard of Lady Gaga before, your video was the first time I saw and heard her story. I do agree with Mike that she is an interesting character, but I cannot question her sincerity. I really appreciated her praying and although yes some things may not be said exactly how a believer may want to hear a prayer, God is the only one that knows her heart. I was touched when she asked the Lord to "remind her not to empower herself but to empower those around her because that is her gift." Regardless of whether people view her as not being sincere, she is seeking the Lord and is asking him for strength and courage. This video was powerful!


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