Monday, May 2, 2011


In Dr. Hart's book, The Anxiety Cure, he discusses the affect that anxiety has on our lives, why we need to get rid of anxiety, and how to do this. Dr. Hart's book focuses on how to treat panic attacks and overcoming general anxiety in our lives that has come to hinder the way we live. Dr. Hart discusses how certain chemicals in our brain makes us feel "happy" or "sad" and how that an imbalance of the "sad" chemicals is related to being stressed out. He goes on to discuss how this can lead to panic attacks and emotional turmoil, which can then leave a person prone to physical medical diseases such as heart problems. There is hope however, because there are lifestyle changes that we can make today to overcome the stress that has began to characterize much of American life today.
As we have looked helping individuals heal throughout this semester, one of the things that has been shown is that psychological healing is not a quick and easy process. It is not like going to the doctor with a sinus infection and getting an antibiotic to take for a week or so. What I have seen, it is like being treated for cancer. Psychological healing requires multiple "treatments" that can be painful and can last for what seems like a long time. However, the outcome of being able to live free of depression and anxiety and reduce the severity of the symptoms of more serious psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder is well worth the work it will take to go through therapy. Dr. Hart mentions that many times people will not go see a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, especially for anxiety issues, because they are supposed to be strong enough to handle that. Seeing a mental health specialist, however, can help you more in your relationships with those around you and in your general satisfaction in life.
I have completely enjoyed this semester in this class and have learned so much! The Anxiety Cure was special because I have some background in the medical field and could definitely understand what Dr. Hart was describing. I have never really thought about the impact of stress on our lives and am now taking measures to make sure I participate in activities that increase my "happy" messengers.

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  1. Before reading The Anxiety Cure, I will admit that I was naïve when it came to my own anxiety. Each chapter literally allowed me to exam myself in that specific area. Dr. Hart also exposed how anxiety was directly affecting my life and simultaneously gave great in-depth instructions on how to overcome or lessen the chances of experiencing anxiety. Until this book, I would have never guessed how many forms of anxiety disorders there are currently. As college students, we are extremely susceptible to anxiety. The sad part is that the majority of students do not know how to recognize stress and anxiety, let alone treat it. Also, I was intrigued by the one of the more simple discussion which was about the certain brain chemicals. I was not aware that our brain constantly sends happy and sad messages throughout the day. I also was not aware that sad messengers is considered a good chemical! And that when we are sick, our body becomes weak because our body needs to slow down so that it can rest. I would recommend this book to all of my college friends! In fact I have already let one friend borrow my copy. Thanks for the insight!


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