Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Biggest Loser: Changing more then body Shapes

I LOVE the Biggest Loser. I wait around every week for Tuesday to come just to watch it. I love how these people sign themselves up to come on this show and just shed pounds every week. It is very exciting to me. But the biggest difference that they have is not in the percentage of wait loss they lose each week, but the difference that Jillian and Bob, are making in there lives. These people come in every season with different issues that they are facing, Low self-esteen, having no opinions, they are emotionally damaged a lot of the time, feeling insignificant--which is why a lot of them end up they way they are, overweight and unhappy. It is like a bad cycle that they play over and over.

Every time I see the show, Jillian or Bob always encourages one of them to move past that old image they have of themselves and take a look at who they are and have become. This reminds me of the different types of counselors that we discussed early on in the semester. They are more then just training people to get in shape but also coaching them to become a better, stronger person mentally. They are also training there minds to take those bad recording out of there head that tells them that they aren't worth it, that they are insignificant, and to put new one in their head of yes they are worth it, and they are significant. They are the coach type that coaches them along, and encourages them (sometimes in strange ways, and very tough love) but they help change lives more then one pound at a time.


  1. This is a great example of a counselor who is a coach. Bob and Jilian come alongside of the contestants on the show and push them to be better. I also think they are a form of Optometrists because they are putting a different perspective into the contestants' minds. They are helping them see the future and what they can become if they stick with the program. I believe it's important to be a little bit of a coach, survival guide, optometrist, and a mechanic when it comes to being a competent counselor. Thank you for your post!

  2. I think The Biggest Loser is a great show as well, I don’t watch it that much, but all the things you mentioned about the show is very true. When the show first came out I was impressed enough to watch it base solely on the name. I thought the name of the show was really cool because a lot of the contestants on the show feel like they are a big loser. Big because of their weight and loser because that is how society sees them. However the show turns this statement around. The show calls the winner of the show the biggest loser, saying that they have lost the most weight. I thought that was cool because it helps change the self talk from damaging to positive.


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