Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong....Bin Laden's Dead

On Sunday, May 3rdnearly 10 years after the most violent series of terrorist attacks (9/11), Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Since the information was leaked, every station has been running the story. Conversations ranged from the appropriateness of Bin Laden burial to whether President Obama receives credit or former President Bush should receive credit. This video clip showed American’s emotions, as well as an explanation from President Obama about this strategic operation.
In recent class lecture, human emotions have been the topic of discussion. We understand that emotions can take many different forms. We also know that emotion can do the following:
• Love- Deuteronomy 6:5
• Produce self-reproach- Job 27-6
• Rejoices and is glad- Psalms 104:15
• Can be sorrowful- Nehemiah 2:2, Romans 9:2
• Has desires- Psalm 37:4
• Can be bitter- Psalm 73:21

Due to the emotions that 9/11 brings, American’s that were directly and indirectly affected by Osama Bin Laden’s attacks are feeling each emotion aforementioned. How those who were and still are affected going to deal with the capture and death of Bin Laden. According to different news interviews, some feel that justice was served, while others are still numb and have the mindset that this capture and death will not bring back their lost loved one. Now that American troops have completed this mission after a decade, those who have been hurt must learn how to regulate their emotions.

Personally, the images that have been embedded into our country’s mind are memories that we will forever be remembered. Because of these images, counselors must be able to teach those who are still in discomfort what emotion regulating entails. It frustrates me to constantly hear reporters talk about whether Osama should have been granted a respectable burial or how President Bush should be given all of the credit. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! Citizens are hurting! Victims need counseling. Although this moment is sweet, it is also considered bitter. The bottom line is that the hurting people need to receive a peace of mind. The media should focus on ways to lift spirits, not bickering about who should win the trophy for Bin Laden’s capture.


  1. I think this post brings up a good point, many of these men are going to need counseling because of the things that went on over there, but we seem to be more concerned with who killed him and who should get the credit. I think this man and maybe even many US citzens need to be focusing on how to help themselves get past this horrible situation, and less on glorifying someone's death.

  2. It seems that much of the American response to Bin Laden's death focuses around rejoicing that he is indeed dead (finally!). I can't imagine the closure this brings for the families of 9/11 victims, but I wonder about the emotional displays we have seen of (primarily) college students dancing in the streets. It seems there is a certain solemnity that is being missed. After all our troops have done to protect us and ensure our freedom over the past 10 years, I wonder how we can best support them, being grateful of their sacrifice, but not cheapening it to a mere dance-in-the-street.


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