Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Will Hunting

I choose this movie because its a great movie about attachment theory. This trailer is not very good compared to the whole movie, but it shows well the importance of parents or the harm that can come from not having parents.
The movie is about the how Will Hunting who is a genius grows up without a family, except for the guys who he has grown up with his whole life, is founded by a major mathematician and is asked to help him with math. Will is a hard nose guy who has a hard time connecting with anyone until he runs into a therapist played by Robin Williams. He is about to connect and help Will deal with a lot of his past, and helps him have a better future then he has before.
The reason I choose this movie is because it deals with attachment theory which is what we talked about in last class. This is a very important topic to myself because my parents divorced when I was 3 months old.

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  1. This movie is a great example of how one's attachment style permeates your whole life, and yet can be altered with the forming of secure attachments in an environment. It is fascinating to see the normally anxious/avoidant Will begin to show signs of secure attachment as he develops his attachment to Robin Williams. This movie gives me hope for my own life, as well as future clients that attachments can change. It also inspires me to continue to develop a "new family" for support down here in Virginia as well as become that "new family" for a time for my future clients to aid in healing and growth.


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