Thursday, May 5, 2011


In the song featured above, Regina Spektor asks her friend how she can make her feel better. The idea is that when we were children, our mothers could kiss us where we were sore and often enough, we would feel better. Her friend needs more then a kiss on the knee this time, but with out an effective solution, Regina is "getting sadder and sadder" and she doesn't understand what her friend needs.
Like the people in the song, we as counselors are interested in helping our clients feel "better". People are more complex than we ever dreamed and without an effective strategy for dealing with pain, counselors are susceptible to issues such as vicarious traumatization, empathy fatigue, and depression.
While many counselors are vigilant about learning the best methods from treating their clients and reading the latest research on their area of focus, they are less faithful in taking care of themselves. "The Anxiety Cure" offers a wealth of information about the impact of not resting properly as well as practical ways to implement healthier habits into your routine. Being a responsible counselor includes taking proper care of your own mind and body so that you can fully engaged in the work God has for you. Feel better, so that you can help other people feel better.

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