Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No No!

Tonight the Minnesota Twins had a pitcher pitch a no-hitter, for only the sixth time in their long history. His name was Francisco Liriano and he pitched a great game against Chicago White Sox to grab this convicted achievement.
The reason I choose this is because a few weeks ago we talked about emotion regulation and how it is important to be able to control your emotions if you are to mature in your emotional health. I cannot think of another situation that would put this to the test more than pitching nine innings knowing that one mistake will cost you your great night. I am sure that he had to maintain his emotions and be able to perform at a very high level, even thougth he was in an emotional tasting situation. As counselors we must be able to also perform at a very high level, even through the hard times in our lives. If we do not have a mature way to deal with our emotions, we will not be able to get that no-hitter, or perform when others need us the most.


  1. I think the take home message here is that not only did the White Sox lose, but they lost big time.

    Also, you're right. I can't imagine the pressure as the innings drag on of having to perform with such perfection. How does one keep the anxiety in check? I think what's more telling about a person's ability to regulate their emotions though is how they react to either great achievement or great failure. Do they become conceited? Do they succumb to rage? And if so, what does it look like? Ugly...often. I wish I had caught this game because...well, the White Sox lost. Big time.

  2. Counselor at times can become really emotional over client, especially with relationship issues. Although that is why we should always let God hold onto us, we should always let Christ become the center for every counseling session and let Christ use us as a tool to work upon the client. Without this kind of dedication, I see that it is difficult to work as a counselor.

  3. This is definitely a huge example of emotional regulation. As a former athlete in a team sport, I couldn't help but think how this was a team effort. In order for a pitcher to have that type of focus and drive, he must be supported by all of those around him such as the manager and his fellow teammates. You often hear that no one speaks to the pitcher when he's in the midst of a no hitter, as opposed to seeing them get in each other's face when things are going poorly. It is important to note that as a counselor we are in that "manager/teammate" role. As we discussed in class, we need to be aware of what is going on in a client and be ready to adjust how we interact to affect how the client responds or proceeds in working through an issue. This will help to foster a safe environment for both parties.


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