Sunday, May 8, 2011

An interview with Jim Caviezel Regarding "The Passion of The Christ"

Everyone remembers the controversial film by Mel Gibson back in 2004. In an interview with Jim Caviezel, he talks on how the role of Jesus has hurt his career.

Mel Gibson told Caviezel before taking this role that it would stunt his career in Hollywood and Caviezel's response was "We all have to embrace our crosses". Caviezel explains that he has no regrets and that our true rewards will be when we are in heaven.

I thought this was a very interesting article to read. Thinking about Jim Caviezel, I have not seen him in a movie recently. And I really admire how he does not regret taking the role of Jesus even though it has hurt his career maybe even for the long run. It made me think about how we are supposed to take up our crosses daily to bring glory to the Lord. Caviezel clearly knows how to do this. He is going around speaking at churches now regarding his testimony. Testimonies are a powerful tool in reaching other people. And I think that his testimony will have a powerful impact in the lives of Christians.

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