Wednesday, May 11, 2011

U.S Flood Concerns: Fear continues

Concern for several cities are high in the United States East Coast, with regards to the recent floods of the Mississippi river.
While flooding in the region reaches record high, well surpassing the Great Mississippi flood of 1927, it should also be a concern as to what will happen if the areas destabilize as they did during hurricane Katrina.
Crimes during times of crisis were not only limited to Hurricane Katrina. As close back as February 2011 In Queensland, there were 81 police officers on 225 charges ranging from looting, to fraudulently soliciting flood donations Property damage is a tremendous concern and already estimate to reach hundreds of millions of dollars more. The city of Memphis is already believed to be at $320 million dollars currently, and damages are believed to continue to keep rising. While property and homelessness are going to be a difficult and long term concern, it is important to consider all possible crimes as well. While local law enforcement and relief agencies are charged with enforcing the laws, it is interesting to observe the behavior of other cultures as well. While Japan recently suffered a recent Tsunami due to an earthquake, the absence of looting reports have been noted throughout international correspondents. It is reported by the BBC that along with law enforcement, that local crime syndicates such as the Yakuza were enforcing social order throughout the disaster areas. The District Attorney for Shelby county in Tennesse warns to all as to the legal consequences if they are to commit crimes against those flood victims, and those who would take advantage of them as well. Families and individuals are still becoming victims to this flooding, and the end of this tragic disaster is still not at an end.

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