Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grilled Cheesus...

During my research regarding healing and prayer, I noticed in a lot of medical journals that there is a lot of openness towards spirituality and religion. Many of the medical journals were trying to bring a holistic approach to health care, in which religious belief and ideals is brought into the process of health care. However, this move towards spirituality and religious influence into modern culture is nothing new, but something that being demonstrated throughout music, art, literature, television. For example, recently Lady Gaga came out with a new song, in which she sings about her opinions of Judas.

Continuing this view of pop culture, an episode of Glee just came out called "Grilled Cheesus." This episode revolves around religious belief, as one of the characters finds a picture of Jesus burnt into the crust of his grilled cheese. He spends the episode praying to this grill "Cheesus," in which his prayers are answered by this piece of bread. In addition, an openly gay character, Kurt, has to deal with his connection of faith and reality when his father goes to the hospital from a heart attack. In particular, he deals with accepting prayer from individuals who truly care about his dad even though he is an atheist. In doing so, a conversation between theism and atheism is presented in the show.

Overall, this show presented an interesting view of how culture is openly debating and looking at spiritual issues. In this secular show--on public television nonetheless--these religious thoughts on God are discussed. This makes me realize how hungry our culture is for truth. Our culture is not one that has completely silenced religion, but has demonstrated an openness and willingness to discuss it. I think as Christian we should take this oppurtunity to demonstrate truth through all mediums, including counseling.

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