Sunday, May 1, 2011

True Intimacy

Sex outside of wedlock is definitely the norm in today's society. This article on teenage pregnancy shows how sex has lost its sacredness and value in today's world through people engaging in it outside of wedlock. The author of the article notes that sexual activities and cyber sex have become the norm. This is a sin that is ridding the meaning of what sex was intended to be.
A couple of weeks ago in class we talked about intimacy. The concept of intimacy was shown in the marriage relationship. God designed man and woman to have complete intimacy spiritually, emotionally, and physically within the marriage relationship. However, for a couple to experience true spiritual intimacy, it must be done God's way. Having sex outside of marriage is going against God's standards. Although a couple may feel like they are being more intimate in one degree or another, they are actually robbing themselves of true intimacy by acting outside of God's standards. Intimacy is truly shown in the trinity between God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit.
No human relationship will ever experience true intimacy to the degree that the trinity experiences true intimacy. However, a marriage pleasing to the Lord is the closest that humans can experience this oneness. As much as the world tells us that we only need the physical and emotional intimacy, this view is so tainted. So much is lost that could be ours. The intimacy that comes between a man and woman in marriage is beautiful when they are both seeking the Lord with all of their heart first. He is what can draw them to him and to each other. Instead of listening to the world's view on intimacy, we can start looking at how our God models this view for us.


  1. Rachel, I couldn't agree with the premises of your posts. It seems that,in many instances Hollywood portrays, one-time spontaneous sexual encounters as very intimate and powerful. I can see how having sexual intimacy allows for a deep connection between those who participate in it. But as you said, true intimacy entails the emotional, spiritual as well as physical intimacy as well. It seems that many Hollywoodian productions seek to convey that all those three aspects are experienced in the sexual encounter. However, most of those encounters happen in the context of what the Bible would call "fornication" or "adultery". As Rachel said, outside of God's initial design. Since those acts are illegitimate, one may wonder if the intimacy is experienced as abundantly as the movies and media presents it?

  2. As we are Christian, we understand true intimacy in spiritual way in God. spiritual, physical, and emotional intimacy are showing in our life time. You said that sex outside of marriage is going aginst God's standard. I totally agree with that fact, but I think many of people also do not agree with that either Christian or non Christian, because our society strives imtimacy with others more. In Christian perspectives, spiritual intimacy with God will be best, but it is not the best for other perspectives of people.


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