Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Proclamation to Proclaim!

Theology and Spirituality whether we like it or not has a potential negative connotation for many people across the globe. While we as Christians tend to view these terms from a Christian perspective or worldview, and see these terms as words that bring meaning and validity to our lives. Many other people do not necessarily share the same perspective of these terms. For many others, an individual’s Theology and Spirituality means nothing more than measures of a potential self-proclaiming commitment to incompetence.

We must know that we (Christians) are continually in the spot light, and rightfully so I might add. Our proclamation of being a Christian is in fact a claim to being Christ like. However, many times I see in Christians (and myself included) a failure to reach or even be reaching to be Christ like. Granted we know that we are sinners just like any other human being on this planet; but you know what? Those “other humans” aren’t looking for us to be just like them; and neither is Christ!

I think that a lot of times we Christians enjoying talking the talk, but I don’t think we always enjoy walking the walk. It is very easy to go to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night and talk the talk. When we are asked at church how was your week? Many people say the Christian things of how we are soooo blessed to have a wonderful job (that we hate), how our marriages have no problems (when there are continuous struggles), or how successful we are (when we may be living pay check to pay check).

However, I think that we Christians should live our lives in such a manner that people can’t help but notice a difference in our lives. Our walk should in actuality be doing the talking for us. Now how does this relate to counseling you might ask? Well… I am glad you did! As a counselor and a Christian we have to know that we will have influence over clients of ours. While some of us may explicitly do Christian Counseling, others of us may not. For those of us they don’t I want to challenge you to live your life in a manner that reveals that there simple is something different about you. Give your client an extra 15 minutes when they seem to just really need to vent and get something off their chest. Consider doing free counseling for a client that has no way to pay for your services. And while it may not be socially or even ethically acceptable, show some emotion that you in fact are hurting for no other reason than your client is hurting.

Christ breathed his life into us and brought us into existence. Try and take some time out of your day and see what potential ways you could speak life into someone you interact with. It doesn’t have to be an actual client of yours either. Maybe it would be just something as simple as letting a random person go ahead of you while waiting in line. Thanks for reading and Be Blessed!

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  1. Jake I really liked when you wrote: "Granted we know that we are sinners just like any other human being on this planet; but you know what? Those 'other humans' aren’t looking for us to be just like them; and neither is Christ!" Wow powerful statement, and you are right. When reading your blog, all I kept thinking was how many times as believers do we actually come along side those hurting Christians who have made terrible mistakes? Those Christians who have failed and their sins are magnified because they were suppose to be Christlike often times are judged not by nonbelievers, but by other Christians. My heart breaks at how many times we have read stories, and watched the news about those Christian leaders who have failed, and are told by other Christians that they cannot ever be a leader again. During our immersion project in COUN 504 one of our group members interviewed a Rabbi in town who called Christians hypocrites for not forgiving each other. He specifically shared how those leaders who have sinned, gone through the recovery process, repented, received Christ forgiveness, often are not forgiven by other Christians. This is sad! to me our biggest problem as Christians is that we forget to be Christlike to each other, and instead focus so hard in trying to share the gospel when we cannot model the gospel and forgiveness within our own Christian community. As future counselors, we need to make sure we can come along Christians and model Christ like and forgiveness.


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