Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rape and Attachment

The article
talks about a woman who is now married with a daughter and living a fairly comfortable life. However, her life in college changed drastically. She was brutally raped during a party and her rapist never received a penalty because no one was willing to help her or even listen to her story. During a vacation, years later, a letter from her rapist arrived in the mail. Luckily, she was able to get justice for what happened years earlier through her contact with him. Her story is overwhelming, knowing that she was not able to receive help until years later. It is sad and shocking hearing that her college dean and the police department were not willing to help her. She had no where to turn.
This story reminds me of attachment because I am sure the rape impacted her life and the way she interacted with men and her husband. The incident could have impacted her religious beliefs as well. In class someone asked if it is possible for someone's attachment style to change during life. This lady may have had a great attachment growing up, but the rape could have very well effected her attachment to others. It would be interesting to see how, if at all the rape incident effected how she relates to others, as well as to God. I hope that she was able to receive counseling or some form of help in how she views the rape and is now feeling a sense of freedom from the incident. It reminds me that counselors are very much needed!

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  1. After reading this story in its entirety, I am speechless. The story became more intriguing as I continued to read this shocking article. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman needed/still needs counseling. I can only imagine the pain, hurt and betrayal that she must have felt during her college years. It frustrates me that a dean of a university would respond in the manner that he did. Furthermore, after 20 years of attempts to forget and erase the horrible event, the attacker makes the decision to contact her. Even though I commend him for confessing, I am still uncertain if sending letters and emails was the most effective way to extend an apology. Lastly, to add injury to insult, the rapist 5% of her sentence; what in the world???? Personally, I believe that he may have done as much, of not more damage to the victim this time around because of the lack of justice that was served. Counseling will be a continuing process for this lady. Great post!


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