Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Does it have a soul?

I was watching and episode of Make it or brake it the other day. It is a show about these four girls who are trying to make it on the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team. Though out this season, you see each girl making horrible decisions that ruin there chances of ever making it. This last several discussed the is one girl, Emily, who in the heat of the moment decides to have sex with her boyfriend and ends up pregnant.

This the recent episode they discuss the option that this young girl has whether she will continue on with gymnastics, or have an abortion. The one thing I was somewhat surprised at is that they present every option With in this one episode. They present it from a point of whether or not this Child had a soul, and the different views people had one it (a child has a soul at birth, a child had a soul, at conception, at the first heart beat, doesn't have one at all, etc).

This made me thing about what we have talked about in class all year, that man is both material and immaterial. Those writers, and the director who ever is in charge of that show and it's writing, knows that there is this spiritual side to all of us. There is something about the spiritual side that man cannot deny. Perhaps because they know the spiritual side, and see it in them, or perhaps its the fact that they know there is someone bigger then them that is holding the world together.

But it made me feel like maybe there is hope for the world to be redeemed just a little bit, because they recognized the importance of a soul, in something that isn't even born. In the end, I believe she decided to keep the baby, but it has been 100% determined yet.

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  1. This is interesting. That's great that there is even the conversation of this in the secular world. I would have assumed that most people would have not thought about whether a fetus has a soul or not. As Christians, we know that God knit us together in the womb. It still can be confusing at times to differentiate between the formation of when all of the immaterial and material aspects occurred.


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